Coffee Date

Coffee Date


If we were having coffee today I would probably stare at the menu at Starbucks for like 5 minutes before deciding what to get. Funny how the more I frequent Starbucks the longer it takes me to figure out what I should order. Back when I first started frequenting Starbucks on the regular I would default to one of the super sweet fluffy creamy dessert drinks… Like a White Chocolate Mocha. I loved it. I’d spoon out the whipped cream like it was Ice Cream. There is obviously more than a few good reasons why I ended up over 250lbs…. Anyway, recently my tastes have been changing and I just can’t handle sweet. I never thought I’d be the own to order a plain coffee at Starbucks… But apparently I am. Man, is this what growing up is like?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I just recently started my hormone supplementation as a part of correcting my Estrogen Dominance. I will say that my afternoons before were a struggle. I had a pretty frequent headache that would come on after lunch time and stay through most of the afternoon. I would feel so foggy and just dream about laying in my bed. I can say now that even just on day 1, which happens to be my early morning, I feel so clear headed and not at all tired. This is HUGE. I’ll write a whole post about it once I spend more time on it. It is really forcing me to pay attention to my body and how it is working. For now let’s just say I’m feeling much better… and I hope all this helps my body start responding better to my meal plan and exercise!

If we were having coffee I would tell you how in addition to finally getting my body back in balance I think that the sudden appearance of SPRING! has made me a happier person. I’ll say it again, seasonal depression is such a real thing. the bitter cold hurts my soul. especially when it overstays its welcome. I noticed driving into our subdivision today that the trees have blossoms on them. YES! Our grass is green. It is warmer. The sun shines more. The hope of a new season is such a beautiful thing.


If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


2 thoughts on “Coffee Date”

  1. I would tell you that I am thrilled for the change in the weather also, but not thrilled for the allergies that come with it! I noticed that sweets aren’t nearly as appealing as they used to be either. So strange how your tastes can change just like that.


  2. I’d tell you that I’m not all that into sweets anymore either and that I don’t know how I could eat an entire pint of Karmel Sutra ice cream a night and not puke! If we were having coffee, I’d feel a little bit bad because as much as I love my coffee it doesn’t like me so much as the warmer weather approaches. I have a weird chemical reaction when I drink coffee in warmer weather0 it makes my body oder super bitter and unbearable, so I’ll be sipping some fruity herbal tea.
    Have a great day Courtney!


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