X2 Performance Review #teamx2

Disclaimer: I am a part of #teamx2 and was provided with free samples and compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When I first started working out I was totally clueless when it came to supplements. When I heard the word supplements I would think of the muscle heads at the gym drinking the mystery liquid out of a shaker cup, trying to get a good “pump” – Like I said, clueless.

Fast forward many years later and while I’m not a professional nutritionist or physician, and I certainly don’t know everything there is to know about supplements, I feel like I am far more knowledgeable about my supplements. After all, Knowledge is power!

One of the things I’ve been using is a Pre-Workout Supplement. I have tried several different kinds and found that I respond well to a milder form of pre-workout. It doesn’t have to make your skin all itchy and make you feel like your eyes are bugging out of your head! I work out in the morning so a little something to help get my body moving, and keep it moving, is all I need.

I was sent a few samples of X2 Performance Pre-workout supplement to try out. What is X2Performance?

X²PERFORMANCE® is a convenient, 2oz. natural sports energy product that can boost your training, workouts and competitive performance. It provides sustained energy to help athletes perform at their best.

Sounds good, right? Some pre-workout supplements can send me sky high. At one point I literally felt like I was having an out of body experience after taking some! X2 is a bit different from the pre-workout supplements I’ve taken before as it comes in a convienent plastic bottle already pre-mixed. It is great to grab as you’re heading out the door to the gym. Most other pre-workouts i’ve tried come in a large container of powder you have to mix, which can be a hassle. As far as taste goes, it is a bit on the sour side. Kinda citrus like? It’s only 2oz so if you don’t like sour you can down it pretty quick. With this pre-workout I never once felt overwhelmed or super hyped. It was more of a calm energy if that makes sense at all.


I tried it out during several different types of WODs… Strength Focused, Endurance Focused, Short, Long, Light… I actually found on the longer WODs that I felt better than I did on shorter ones. It seemed as though it had time to sink in and really helped with my endurance level. The most notable experience I had with X2 Performance was on Open Workout 14.5 – A desending ladder of thrusters and burpees. I was dreading this WOD. Seriously, dreading. I took my X2 Performance about 30 minutes before starting the WOD. The timer counted down and I got more nervous, until go time. I smashed it. The average time on that was 20+ minutes and I hammered it out in 18!


Overall I was impressed with the product. I love that it was easy to take on the go and that I didn’t feel hopped up or any kind of crash. It was a steady release of energy. I recommend getting a free trial package for yourself! Just pay the s&h and it shows up fast so you can get your WOD on.

Do you use Pre-workout?


9 thoughts on “X2 Performance Review #teamx2”

  1. I used the X2 on an empty stomachs the first time before my KETTLEBELL snatch set that was 6 minutes long with 35lbs and I felt great but had a banana on hand if I needed one. It’s awesome for weight/endurance


  2. (Yep, totally playing catchup on reading your blog!)

    Calm energy is such a great way to put it! I didn’t notice the shift of any energy gears either, just able to keep on trucking along and realized midway through my run that I was feeling far better than I thought I would! Great stuff!!


  3. Glad you had a good experience with X2! I hate supplements that make me feel jittery and hyped up, so it was a great relief that X2 provided my with the extra energy and endurance without all the jitteriness!


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