#workingonmyselfie {giveaway}

The longer I’m on this journey the more I realize the importance of community. It sounds weird that you could really find support and encouragement in an online group, but that has been one of the biggest influences in my health journey. When I started this journey it was a bunch of weight loss and running bloggers that I followed. I felt like I knew these people. Bloggers pour their heart and soul out on to the screen. They share their triumphs and failures. Along the way there have been several bloggers that I have felt like I really “clicked” with. You know, the ones who if they ever knew you existed you were certain that you and them would be BFFs. You stalk them on social media, subscribe to their blog and constantly refresh your inbox hoping they wrote something new. For me it usually escalates to girl crush level pretty quick. That is exactly what happened when I started following Andrea over at From Thick to Thin.


Isn’t she just totes adorbs? Yup, that just happened. Something about her persona hit home with me. She talks about how she has been overweight most of her life and is taking her life back. Sound familiar? She starting blogging to keep herself accountable on her weight loss journey. Along the way she realized that there weren’t very many options of cute workout tanks for normal size people. Or – uh, above average sized people. So she started her own line of tanks with super awesome sayings. annnnnd they actually fit real people. Go figure. Here are a few of the most recent releases from her shop


I own several From Thick to Thin tanks and I absolutely love them! They are soft and flowy and really hold up during WODs. I like that they are breathable. I wear a large and it fits great.


Anyway, during the whole December-January transition I kind of lost a little bit of my personal drive as I became super busy and ate everything in sight. I knew I needed to get back on track and that is when I saw Andrea post about #workingonmyselfie.  We all take selfies, right? This year we want to work not just on our angles and lighting but on our actual selves! Basically, it is a group of people committed to helping each other stay accountable and work on our goals for this year. Along with the description on her site Andrea created a facebook group for us all to talk to each other and keep each other accountable. I love it! And of course she created a Working on Myselfie tank to go with it!


And because Andrea is freaking amazing, she wants to give one of you an opportunity to win the Working On Myselfie tank! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway will be open until midnight on 2/9/14.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 How are you “Working on Your Selfie” this year?

Disclaimer- I was not paid for this review, I just love Andrea and her products!



33 thoughts on “#workingonmyselfie {giveaway}”

  1. I love the flow of these tanks! I’m working on myselfie this year by eating clearner and being more consistent with my workouts!


  2. Working hard to be more than a wannabe runner. Registered this morning for a 10K in preparation for a half marathon in September!


  3. #workingonmyselfie has been so great motivating me this year! I love everyone that posts! Thanks for being such a great supporter, Courtney 🙂


  4. I am getting back to running,and tracking my eating on My fitness pal, but I really want to win this to give to my Best friend, she is also on a workout journey and she is the queen of selfies!


  5. I soooo love Andrea too! Her blogs are like reading my own thoughts! They crack me up & inspire me! And the T2T site is amazing!!!


  6. I am really focusing on my eating. I can work out all I want, but until I get my portions under control, I am going to struggle. Diet is so important!


  7. #imworkingonmyselfie by getting on track for the Crossfit Open! I really love doing CrossFit and I’m always trying to improve.


  8. Working on not comparing my pace of success against the successes of others.. Learning to appreciate the intentional choices of my process to a healthier me 🙂


  9. I’m actually having a hard time really kick-starting my weight loss/fitness goals. I think this is a great campaign to keep track of my progress, and show a lil love for myself. 🙂


  10. This has been a hard few months, and i’ve been so busy working on my family… that working on me has taken a back seat. Actually it hopped out of the car and hitchhiked the other direction! So I’m just starting to try again, attending a new gym run by personal trainer I know.


  11. I am doing the Spartan run in August, I’m pushing myself to the next level, it’s a mental game I need to win at this point!


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