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Coffee Date is Back!


If we were having coffee I would probably have to apologize for being late. Feels like it’s the story of my life lately. I’d blame it on the construction in our subdivision and their ridiculous temporary stoplights, but truth would more than likely be that I snoozed one too many times and then spent 15 minutes running around like crazy trying to grab my meals, dress a toddler, wrangle a dog or two, and finally end up hitting the stoplight right as it turns red… and stays that way for far longer than I’d like. The good news is they will eventually finish construction. The bad news is I’ll lose my most convenient excuse for being late. The truth is I live a frazzled fast forward on the go life. I’d laugh it off during our coffee date and tell you it was just one of those seasons, but the truth is I don’t see our life getting any less hectic. We just aren’t those kinds of people, I guess.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I have been struggling with parenting lately. 3 year olds are so full of questions. SO MANY questions. Some are fun and easy to answer. But some are loaded. The kind of questions that build her worldview. Some questions I just don’t have the answer to. Not only that, but she is developing such a strong opinion on everything. What toys she plays with, what food she eats, what clothes she wears. Sometimes we butt heads. I can’t imagine this being any better as she gets older. As she develops her own personality she pushes boundaries, which is so fun *insert sarcasm* I feel like we’re always saying No or correcting her for something. And then there is the “But Why” …. I swore I’d never pull the because I said so card, but now I lose track of how often I say it. Life is full of those “choose your battle” moments. Who cares if she wants to wear knee socks and sneakers with her dress?


I’d tell you that I feel incredibly blessed that my daughter is a good and kind and sweet as she is. She is hilarious and so incredibly caring. I don’t fault her, but sometimes I just feel so inadequate. LIke I should forgo a college fun and start a therapy fund instead.

I’d tell you its usually those moments when I’m most exasperated when someone asks when we plan on having another kid. I laugh and say not for a long time. I feel guilty for even saying that. I know how many people would love to be able to have lots of kids and can’t for whatever reason. The idea of having more than one kid gives me anxiety. Which then triggers more guilt. It’s a crazy cycle.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I’m really bummed that I thought I had a week off in-between terms of school, but I don’t. I was looking forward to a weekend with no homework.

If we were having coffee I’d apologize for rambling on, grab a refill and sit and listen to you.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


6 thoughts on “Coffee Date is Back!”

  1. If we were having coffee… I’d have to have chai and maybe a second. And then I’d tell you, that if you didn’t worry and you didn’t care then you’d need to start that therapy fund. 3 yr olds are exhausting, wonderful, challenging, amazing creatures… and then it seems like you blink and they are pre-teens (sorry my own drama). Enjoy your coffee, break between terms and the (very short in the grand scheme of things) Trying Threes.


  2. Everyone needs a coffee date!
    I would tell you that wonderful children are a product of their parents; she is good, kind, and, sweet because you are, being late isn’t always a bad thing, that some days two coffees in is a day just getting started and that God always give you just what you need, when you need it.


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