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I’m A Real Person

When I started my fitness journey I tried to look for blogs to motivate and inspire me. I, like the rest of the internet, was obsessed with the before and afters. I spent countless hours scouring blogs looking for “the secret” to their success. It seemed like every blog I read was already a success story. They were living their after. And somehow in my mind I thought they were nothing like me. Sure, I read posts about people struggling with a plateau or gaining back a few pounds, but those didn’t stick out to me. It was like all I saw was the photoshopped, edited, perfect happy endings. I’m not saying that is all that was there, but that is what my mind focused on.

So I started documenting my journey, in all of it’s glory, in hopes that other people would realize that I’m just a real person with real life and real struggles to deal with along this journey. But sometimes I get the feeling that people look at me and see the “edited, publishable” side of my story more than the struggles I’ve faced. While I may not consider myself an after yet, I’ve made some progress.


I hear so often “If only I had your motivation” or “I could never do that” or maybe when I’m not so busy…. That one is my favorite.

I try to be as open as possible, but of course every person wants to showcase their best. Do I instagram everything I eat? Nope. Am I more likely to post pictures of meals like this:


Then pictures of the FroYo I had on Friday night? Of course. But I also post my progress pictures, including the extra skin. I guess what I’m saying is please remember I’m just a real person. I’m a wife and mother. I’m a business owner. I’m pressed for time and sometimes the best decisions aren’t the easiest to make. I drink way too much coffee. I don’t drink enough water. I’m up at 5:15 most mornings (4:15 on Fridays) and have to get my pre-workout meal prepped and eaten while trying to wrangle a sleepy 3 year old. Yes, I fitness is a part of my “job title” as a CrossFit Box owner, but that just means when I’m at CrossFit I’m in coach mode. Sure, it makes it easier to work out in the mornings because I’m already there. But there is still the business to be run, the kid to be taken care of, and clients around. I have to choose to push myself. I rush home from morning classes to get breakfast ready for the hubs and kiddo as well as myself, which often means cooking separate meals. Clean up as much as I can and then on to the “day job” –


Yes, I work from home. But I still sit at a computer all day answering emails and working on projects. Lunch break means another chance to cook several different meals and attempt to clean what I can then back to work. Work some more until its time to prep to leave for evening classes at the CrossFit. Coach all night, back home for another round of meals. Get the kid ready for bed, try to clean up and prep for the next day before collapsing into bed. Somewhere in there I manage to fit in a couple hours of school work a week. My house is almost always messier than I’d like. Clothes stay in the drier and laundry baskets longer than I’d care to admit.

I still only have 24 hours in a day. I’m still human. I still mess up. I’m a real person. I have been at this for awhile and I still get discouraged about my progress. I know the scale is a liar but I still hate it when the number is higher than I think it should be. I get pimples, have to worry about facial hair (thanks mom), and struggle with the reflection in the mirror some days. I hate how some clothes fit me, struggle with any sort of fashion that isn’t spandex or sweats. But I’m also proud of my journey. While I may mess up and binge on spaghetti on what is supposed to be my low carb day (whoops) I still make healthy choices more often then not. I may hate my saggy skin but it is a reminder of how far I’ve come. I try my best to be grateful for the journey and my progress so far, but I know I’m not “there” yet. I still care what people think of me even though I know I shouldn’t.

I don’t say all this to be like look at me rockin life. Because if we’re honest 70% of the time I feel like I suck at life. I say this to encourage you! You may struggle with some of these same things, but you can still make progress. One step at a time. Maybe it’s starting to make a meal plan. or waking up 15 minutes early to stretch or go for a walk. Maybe it’s drinking one more cup of water a day. Maybe you’re just having a day where you feel like nothing you do matters. It does. You are important. You are worth it.


When you look at pinterest or tumblr or blogs don’t judge people by their progress. More importantly don’t judge yourself by their progress. Their journey is different than yours. They are real people too. You don’t know their struggles. I promise you, they had struggles.

Have you ever felt alone on your journey? What decisions can you make today to be better than you were yesterday?


10 thoughts on “I’m A Real Person”

  1. First, you have made great progress, you should be proud. I’m blown away by your pics, I love that they are true and honest. I get what you mean about comparing yourself to others. I read a lot of running blogs and have to stop myself from feeling that I need to run faster, run more miles, run more races (I’d love to run more races but finances only allow me to do a few a year). It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others.


  2. You are doing amazingly. Own your progress and be proud.

    I am really good at not comparing myself to others. I don’t have a rocking body and I’m not the fastest runner. I don’t eat perfectly and I sleep like poo. I stay up too late and get up too early and probably stretch myself too thin, because, as you said, there are only 24 hours in each and every day. I’m ok with that. My end goal is not to end up on a Pinterest inspiration board but to be healthy and feel good about myself so I can be a better wife, mother and me.


  3. wow! I love this post it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks for being so real!! You have come so far in your journey :). Sometime I do feel alone in my journey when I read some blogs but after reading this it helps me to push through and keep reaching my goals. Thanks :).


  4. I love this so much! You inspire me so much and I love that show your battle scars by posting the bra pics! It is helpful the rest of us who have the stretch marks and saggy skin to see someone like you push and make real change happen!


  5. I hear you my friend! That’s the thing about social media – we all tend to showcase the “best” moments in our life – we need to remember this when browsing our social feeds! We’re all real people behind the social accounts!


  6. Beautifully written, and I completely identify. I’m on my
    Journey back to healthy, and part of it includes crossfit. It’s hard not to compare myself sometimes, especially when I have to do lots of scaling- but after a workout I really feel great and know that I’m getting stronger and starting to see progress in two short months. Thanks!


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