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The Truth About Weight Loss: Extra Skin

Can life just slow down for a minute? A day? Most days we are going non-stop from 5am-8pm. Running two businesses, taking college classes, along with being a parent/wife/friend leaves little to no time for other things. So I may miss a day or two of posting. I used to feel guilty about that… but then I realized that is just pressure I’m putting on myself. I love blogging, I just need to figure out how to make time for it in this season of life. This may mean my posts are scattered throughout the week instead of every weekday morning. I love blogging and the things it has allowed me to do and the people it has connected me with. I’m so so thankful for all of you who keep reading and connect with my story! Please stick with me as I find a new normal. Or somehow win the lottery and can pay people to do everything for me while I sit here and blog. Until then my sink looks like this several nights a week…


Since I missed weigh in wednesday I wanted to check in with you anyway. I think I’m coming up on the end of Month 3 with my new Nutrition coach. The good news is that I’m still seeing results. The bad news is they are coming literally 1/4″ at a time. It’s kind of frustrating to be busting my butt with food prep, eating 5-6 times a day, taking my supplements, and killing myself at CrossFit and only see 1/4″ change. I’m still gaining muscle and losing fat almost at a 1 for 1 pace. This last time it was literally 1lb fat loss and 1lb muscle gain. Which is maddening when you see it on the scale. But I’m glad for progress. of any kind. I’m still sitting at 184lbs but my lean body mass is up to 151.35lbs. My body feels different. It looks different.


Same Shirt, 3 months later. It fits better, I feel better. I’m committed to this process, even though it feels like it’s crawling. My performance in the gym is getting better and I’m happy about that.

My biggest complaint right now is my skin. I know this is typical weight loss problems – but I have a heck of a lot of skin in places it shouldn’t be. I have been looking for lotion or anything just to help the tightening process go faster. But I’ve also toyed around with the idea of talking to a surgeon, just to see what they would say about my situation. Everyone is different and this is a subject that a lot of people feel strongly about. I have no idea what it would cost or what would be involved, but I’m entertaining the idea of research. I’m going to share a picture here that I am actually really uncomfortable with, but I want to be open and honest with you on this journey… it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. There are other issues that come up as a result of weight loss and you have to deal with it.


 If I got rid of that 4ish inches of sagging skin I’d probably be a good 2+ pants sizes smaller. I posted on my facebook page asking for suggestions and got a whole slew of people telling me there is no miracle cure. I know. Again, this is just one of the not so popular things to talk about dealing with weight loss. I don’t have any tips or solutions… yet. It’s something I’m struggling with and working through.

Have you struggled with Skin after Weight Loss?
Any Tips or advice?


26 thoughts on “The Truth About Weight Loss: Extra Skin”

  1. don’t let those comments bother you. If they are followers of your journey then they will know that you are doing it the right way, and that you are 100% committed. I have been following your blog for a couple months and everyday you inspire me. you are looking fabulous!!! I think you should research your options, and see what a surgeon has to say. you have been working very hard, and deserve to feel the best you can.


  2. I haven’t lost near as much weight as you but I definitely have extra skin since child birth and no amounts of creams and potions have helped make it tighten up and go away.

    I say if you are interested in talking to a surgeon, go for it. See what they say. If it seems worthwhile, then go for it, if not, there was no harm in looking into it..

    You are inspiring lady. Keep up the hard work. Your busy days will pay off! ❤


  3. Excess skin is everyones biggest fear when it comes to losing weight. I think if you want to look into surgery then do so. Its your journey, your body and your state of mind. If your not comfortable with it and you have a way to change it then its your choice. At least your being honest about it.

    Good luck with rest of your journey, I loved the before/after photo it shows how much difference exercise can make.


  4. Oh mama! I know the skin situation stinks. I have that too from being preggo. I call it my kangaroo pouch and it really is discouraging because I know as hard as I work out it will never really go away. I have wonderful friends and family that tell me to be proud of it…for carrying my baby in my body and that I look great. I know I am looking better….but I would love to see all my hard work with some ab definition and I definitely wont get that unless I do get a tummy tuck. I have looked into it too….expensive but worth it to me….totally in my 5 year plan (hopefully sooner!)


  5. Love how real you are Courtney! Cannot relate at all, but I see no shame in researching your options! You have come so far and I am sure there is no looking back to where you were before, so move forward and rock that new body however you feel best!


  6. Just found you via the sweat pink ambassador Facebook page! I loved reading this post and can’t imagine anyone saying anything negative towards you about surgery. You have done an awesome job and I totally can understand why you would want to get your excess skin remove. I hope you are able to achieve all your goals! Keep up the great work!


  7. Oh, I would talk to a surgeon, 100 percent! With as hard as you have worked you absolutely deserve to feel your very best – after I have my second child (18 weeks pregnant right now) and once I see what exercise can do for me I will probably meet with a plastic surgeon and won’t feel guilty about it if I need too – and I won’t let other people make me feel guilty about it, either! Haters are going to hate, LOL –


  8. Never hurts to research all the options available. I am struggling through my journey have not lost nearly as much as you but I already have sagging belly skin possibly from four pregnancy’s or simply gaining and keeping excess weight over the years. I think your inspiring and you have nothing to be embarrassed of or ashamed about. I congratulate you for keeping it real it helps those of us still on the journey what challenges/obstacles may lie ahead for us as individuals


  9. I have dealt with quite a bit of loose skin. I have lost 80 lbs in the last year and a half. This year I started eating a Primal based diet and doing at home CrossFit type workouts. I lost 60 of the pounds this year by the end of July. The extra skin was a scary thing for me, but I knew health was what was important so if I had to deal with lots of loose skin I would to get where I need to be to be healthy. My skin has tightened up a great deal though! I have tried to make a conscience effort get homemade bone broth from grass fed beef and gelatin treats using Great Lakes gelatin (again you want grass fed)into my diet as regularly as I can. This is what collagen is made from. I’ve had 3 children all by c-section and had a full on “fat apron” for about 2 years. I never thought I would be where I am naturally. I always thought I would have to turn to surgery. I don’t know if my skin will tighten completely, but I’m pretty happy with where it is even now. It is still kind of annoying, but I’m seeing improvement constantly and I feel comfortable enough where I’m now to where I don’t think I would consider surgery an option anymore. That is really an extreme decision to make. Any time you are put under it is dangerous. I found myself wondering how my family might feel if I died during surgery b/c I wanted to get rid of some skin? I don’t think it would be a great example for my girls either. My husband is happy with my body and I am finally getting there too. I would encourage you to try the bone broth and gelatin. The gelatin is basically cheaters bone broth and has a ton of health benefits. My kids love the treats we make it.


    1. I want to add that I was size 20 at my largest and 209 lbs. At the beginning of this year I was a size 16 and weighed 189. I am now size 4/6 depending on the brand. My size 6 Gap jeans have to have a belt and are totally loose by the end of the day looking pretty ridiculous at times. I haven’t lost weight in about 2 months, but my skin has really tightened as I’ve gained more muscle too. I wanted to tell you the size I was and am now so that you might be able to gauge the size of my “apron.” I’m barely 5′ 2″ and my belly held a lot of the weight. If you google “Grass Fed Girl” she has a lot of gelatin recipes on her blog.


  10. I have a lot of extra skin. It’s not going away without surgery. I’ve maintained my weight for over 2 years and lift weights often. And while it’s gotten better, it’s never going away on her own.


  11. Wow what an inspiration you are!
    Showing pics of yourself takes a lot of confidence.
    You are doing so well with your journey of weightloss you should be so proud! I too was a Crossfit addict but since breaking my wrist & having time off I have lost all motivation & my hectic schedule hasn’t allowed me to return.
    I was lucky while losing weight I toned at the same time so I didn’t have much excess skin but I have a friend who has just had surgery & she looks amazing!!
    Keep up the good work & I look forward to your next blog when u get a chance to post it.
    Hopefully it will give me back my motivation to start again.


  12. I agree with others, do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the naysayers. People will always have something to say but as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters!


  13. I had cushings disease. Lost the eight but do have extra skin. I see a plastic surgeon. Bc mine was from an illness my insurance covers it and I had to maintain my weight for x amount of wks. Im scheduled for October surgery. That’s the only thing I’ve found after two years of trying! Goodluck.


  14. Hi Courtney, congratulations on your success to date! I just found your blog via mizfitonline.com who’s commiserating with you about a chat over coffee (her favorite beverage). I’m going to subscribe and follow your journey, but I wanted to offer another blog to check-out if you haven’t already; it’s Katie over at runsforcookies.com. Yes, she’s at maintenance now but has traveled the same journey you’re on (lost 150#) and she did have the skin removal surgery. Katie is excellent at documenting and her blog has all the details, pros/cons and photos of the procedure. Good luck and continued success on your journey of a dreamer!


  15. You are my hero and inspiration!!! I am so proud of you and you give me hope to just keep going! I am 210lbs and started my first week of crossfit. I need to keep tabs on you cause you are such an inspiration! thanks


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