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Project: Simplify – Master Bath

*tap, tap* Is this thing on? Sorry I missed you the last few days. Life is busy and sometimes time with family beats out time blogging. We actually went to a local campground this weekend and spent a night camping (in a cabin, but still) It was more fun than I expected it to be, honestly. Check out my instagram for some fun pics of the adventures!

Now onto our Monday series- Project: Simplify


I finally took all the toys from Payton’s room out to Once Upon a Child (while she was at Grandmas, ha!) and sold a bunch and made $80 and donated the rest. It felt SO good!


Now onto this week’s project: The Master Bath. If there is one room in the house that receives little to no attention from me it is the Master Bath. It is usually the last thing that I get around to cleaning because it is the one area of our house that no one ever sees. It is also one of the areas in the house that I use daily, if not several times per day. Things end up piling up and getting crazy messy. Let’s not talk about how often I clean (or don’t clean) the shower and counter area. I’m usually in a hurry and things never get put away. We have a pretty large bathroom but the storage situation is less than ideal. And let’s be real, I have a lot of crap I use for my hair/makeup/skin care routines. Since we have a double sink our counter space is rather limited. We have under the sink storage but I didn’t really find it useable or easily accessible for daily use. I ended up using a few shelves in our linen closet to store my stuff, but that gets cluttered up too. So, I got to work trying to fix the problem.


I got a storage container for the larger bottles of product I use on a daily basis. This way it’s easy to keep in the closet and take out when I need to use it. I also folded and organized all our towels and linens. Then I actually put to use the jewelry organizer I got for Christmas. I also organized my makeup into products I use on a daily basis and more special occasion type stuff. I have another organizer full of samples or other products I don’t use regularly, as well as an organizer for headbands and accessories. I put all of Mr Dreamer’s stuff in a container on the counter as well and then I actually cleaned the counter top and mirror. HUGE difference, right? This whole project took about 30 minutes and now makes it easier for me to get ready in the morning! Win-Win!

How do you keep your daily use products organized?


3 thoughts on “Project: Simplify – Master Bath”

  1. I did this to our bathroom also, but husband never puts stuff away when he uses it. So I have to reorganize again soon, like maybe this weekend!


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