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Project: Simplify – Home Office

Clutter makes me crazy. And far less productive. I stress about the clutter so much that it’s hard for me to focus on anything else. I’m trying to make life a little calmer and a lot simpler so I started this series called Project: Simplify.


Basically each week I try to tackle one area in my house that is stressing me out or is over cluttered. Last week we worked on my medicine/supplement cabinet in the kitchen. This week it is a place I spend a lot more time… The home office. Somehow my desk ends up being a landing place for all kinds of odds and ends. What usually happens is I clean up/organize the downstairs area… mainly my mail center… and all the stuff that needs to be filed or dealt with ends up on my desk. When my desk is this cluttered I feel like my creativity is zapped. So, it was time to simplify it…


The First thing I did was go through the big things (Like my broken macbook… and the box for my macbook air) and put them in a better place. I then gathered all the papers that were trash and other miscellanious items like the air freshener, headbands, lotion, nail polish and put them back in the right spots. I organized all my tech gear in one of the drawers of my rolling organizer cart. I also stacked all my books and journals in one place under my desk. I still have lots of mail/paperwork to file but I gathered them all together and put them in my file box. I also tried to organize the bulletin board. I have my calendar, my bill payment tracking spreadsheet, a picture of my family on a pirate ship, and a list of typical standards for CrossFit movements for games athletes… you know like 3:00 Fran, 4:30 Diane, and 15 strict pull ups… Gotta have goals, right?

So when it was time to get to work I was ready to hit it hard, no distractions. Simplified. Organized. Perfecto.

Do you have a home office? How do you organize it?


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