I want to be Better.

This weekend was the 2013 CrossFit Games. It’s basically like the Super Bowl of CrossFit. Even though we were traveling for most of it I kept up to date with what was going on by stalking checking twitter. Knowing what I know about what it takes to get there I am just in awe of all the athletes there. Watching them it was unbelievable. It takes more than just good genes to do that – it takes hard freaking work. Sure, that 265lb deadlift may have come easier for athletes like Elizabeth Atkinwale… but she still had to put in the work to get that way.

Watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN
Watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN

Seeing the games reminds me of why I love CrossFit. Because everyone involved in CrossFit wants to make themselves better. It’s not just about clocking in and out of the gym in order to make yourself feel less guilty. It is about pushing the limits of what you are capable of. Watching those people I get this nagging question in the back of my mind… Am I good enough… and watching videos and hearing stories of the current games Competitors and where they were a few years ago I have this dangerous spark of hope that says maybe you are…


I’m not saying it’s my life goal to make it to the games… I’m just refusing to let myself say I’ll never be THAT good. And that’s what I love about CrossFit. It has helped me to believe in me. To believe that just maybe I can PR my CrossFit total by 30lbs in 6 weeks (YES, that happened today) or just maybe I can do an unassisted kipping pull up… That is is possible to go from the chubby girl to the fit girl. It is possible, as long as you want it.

and I want to be better.

and of course you can’t talk about the CrossFit Games without mentioning this guy…



THREE time CrossFit Games Champ Rich Froning.

You’re welcome.

What inspires you to be better?



4 thoughts on “I want to be Better.”

  1. Yes. Watching the games definitely gets me excited to hit the next WOD. HARD. Some of the things I find motivational about the CF Games is:

    1) None of these athletes have been doing this since they were 4. CrossFit just hasn’t been around that long. So you don’t have to be groomed from childhood to be good.

    2) Many of these athletes are OVER 30 and kicking major ass. While a lot of pro sports call you ancient at 25, CrossFit is definitely a sport of grown men and women.

    3) While CF is bigger now and has professional, full-time athletes at the games, there are many still in it who did not start out that way.

    Unlike other sports, CF doesn’t make me feel like I’m too old to learn the skills of the pros. I can achieve relative, scalable success and I find that motivating!


    1. YES YES YES!! That is one of the things I’m always telling people I love about CrossFit. It isn’t unreachable to be “good” at it. It takes hard work and dedication, but you don’t have to be born into it. Coming from someone who was NOT fit at all growing up that gives me such hope and inspiration! See you at the games? LOL


  2. I never thought I would be this in love with any type of fitness program in my entire life. I mean, yes, I was an athlete growing up, but once sports were over I lost that drive. Crossfit tapped into that for me. I love how anyone can do it, and I love to share that with people who are skeptical of it. You can always get better, there’s no point where you are like, well, i reached the top so that’s it.


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