Favorite New Things

Howdy Friends! I can’t believe it’s Monday again. We had an awesome weekend that went by entirely too fast. Since the power went out Friday afternoon we got out of the house for dinner, some school shopping for the little one, and a movie. Saturday was filled with a hot & sweaty morning at CrossFit 70 and an easy afternoon around the house. Sunday Funday!! We went to Six Flags’ water park Hurricane Harbor and had a blast!

Since I’m still reeling from the weekend I thought I’d do a quick and easy post of some of my favorite new things!

Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer


I loved the idea behind this product. I love coffee! So what is better than being able to add a little cream and sweetness to your coffee with a punch of protein! This is a powdered creamer, similar to Coffeemate but with way better nutritional stats. Check out how they compare. It comes in Lean Vanilla Bean and and Chizzled Chocolate. I was sent both flavors to try out. I loved them both but have to say vanilla is my favorite. I have gotten used to having my coffee unsweetened so the 2TBS serving size made the coffee a little too sweet for my liking. I just halved the serving size and it is awesome! A little extra protein and a lot of extra flavor = awesome.

Java Gum


I told you I love coffee. Obviously. But sometimes I just want the caffeine. Especially in the summer when it’s hot and I don’t want to drink it hot. Or I’m on the run. Having this in my purse helps me when I feel like crashing. Which isn’t as often now that I’m on a strict eating schedule. That’s a whole different post though. My only negative on this is that I expected a coffee flavor… is that weird? It was very peppermint-y. Like gum. But the name threw me off. Either way, I like the idea!

Zaggora Hot Pants 2.0


I was sent these awhile back to review. Again, another product that I loved the idea of. These pants use a special fabric to help produce more heat to burn more calories while you work. It reminds me of a wetsuit type material. I wasn’t in love with the way they fit and didn’t offer a lot of stretch to do CrossFit so I use them when running. They make a fun swooshing noise and let me tell you… you can FEEL THE HEAT! I don’t use these as regular as you are supposed to, but when I did use it I felt the difference.

Fitmark Bags

I am an ambassador for Fitmark Bags and I love them! Whether you CrossFit, go to a big gym, or do boot camp – Fitmark bags help you transport your gear in style. These bags are super durable and well made… and cute! They are totally worth the investment as they have made my life SO much easier with all the back and forth I do between the box and home. I have both the Classic Duffel and the Lavender Sports Tote. I use the Classic Duffel when traveling and for competitions, like the one we had last week.


I use the lavender sports tote as my daily back and forth bag between CrossFit and the house. It is totes adorbs. Yes, I just said that.


Visit their store and use the code Dreamer15 to save 15% on your purchase.

Do you like coffee? What do you use for a gym bag?

Disclaimer: I was sent some of these products free of charge to review and this post contains affiliate links. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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