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Weigh In Wednesday: Seeing Results!

So sorry I missed you all yesterday. Tuesdays are seriously my least favorite day of the week (Right, Mel?) and they are such a whirlwind. Coaching in the morning and evening, working all day in-between, add in a check in with my nutrition coach and homework due at midnight (that I waited until 9:30pm to start) and my day is just shot…

Anyway, that day is over… let’s talk about my check in with my nutrition coach! Remember how I told you that my devious awesome husband hid my scale last week? I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. I have weighed myself nearly every day for the last year or so. I like knowing. But I was putting too much emphasis on the number and not trusting my training. I would tell our clients not to worry about the scale and then come home and be frustrated about the number flashing back at me. It was kind of freeing not to think about it, though I still go to look for the scale in the morning. So after a week of no scale I was nervous to go check in. I know that I have had some major changes in my body, but I didn’t know how much. Ready for it?


WHAT WHAT!!! I lost the equivalent of 3lbs of Fat and gained a wee bit of muscle. I lost a total of 4.5 inches, 2 of which were off my hips… my biggest trouble area! This is just over 2 weeks worth of work. I am SO excited about the progress and it gives me just what I need to continue on. Eating 6ish meals a day isn’t always convienent. We went to Hurricane Harbor this weekend and while everyone else was eating pizza, I was eating my cold chicken, jasmine rice, black beans, & green beans


I did go “off plan” for the first time on Sunday also… I had a kid size scoop of ice cream. But that was it! It was HUGE progress for me to stop with just the kid size, I could easily pack down a huuuuge ice cream cone and not bat an eye. I satisfied a craving and felt ok doing it. I didn’t gorge myself. and I was right back on track for my next meal on plan. #progress #winning

 My coach said my progress was above average… the teacher’s pet in me was proud. haha. Can I reuse pictures from one of last week’s post? Check out this difference:


I can’t get over it. Literally less than a 1lb difference here. I’m still working out the same, I’ve just changed up my nutrition. It is all about the diet people! You can’t out train a bad diet! not that mine was even bad. To be honest, I just wasn’t eating enough. I’m looking forward to another few weeks of progress!

How is your week going? 
What is your least favorite day of the week?




33 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Seeing Results!”

  1. I HATE TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS goes wrong on Tuesdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, soooo annoying! Today was NOOOOOO DIFFERENT AT ALL! But it all worked out in the end THANKFULLY! And now we move on to the best day of the week, HUMPDAY! And this humpday happens to be my birthday, lol! WOO WOO Extra humping for me?? LOL!!!

    Oh and you’re SOOOO RIGHT: YOU CANNOT outtrain an unhealthy diet!!! 🙂


  2. I just wish the hard work came from the workout, but the diet is the hardest. I struggle with diet, and I am pretty sure I need to tighten that up a bunch.

    Great job on staying with it!


  3. Awesome results! I really need an eating plan like that! I just can’t afford the nutrition coach to get it right now. Seeing your results makes me want it even more!


  4. I was so excited when I realized it was Wednesday and I would get to hear how your nutrition coaching thing is going!

    Congrats on the huge progress, and your hubby is a champ for hiding your scale. I am so impressed with you and think it will translate SO well to coaching to force yourself to depend less on the scale.


    1. THank you, lovely! It is still a bit of a hurdle for me. For all the work I’ve been doing I still want to see the scale move… it’s hard to retrain the brain!


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