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Coffee Date: On Beauty

I am participating in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Campaign as a FitFluential Ambassador. 

I legally have to disclose that, but in all honesty I would participate in this campaign/challenge even if I didn’t receive awesome UA Swag. This may seem cliche, but really participating in this program has really made me think about beauty… how I see it and how I am teaching my daughter to see it. So pull up a comfy chair and grab a cup of coffee (or tea… or water!) and let’s have a chat. I have a feeling this may be long… so get comfortable!


If we were having coffee today I would ask you what you thought beauty really was. I would listen intently and probably search for some hidden or underlying explanation for your thoughts. You can thank my psychology classes for that. I would tell you that I still struggle with the stereotypical idea of what’s beautiful… I know it’s not a number on a scale… but to be honest I still find myself chasing it. I know it isn’t the number on the barbell either, but I chase that too. I find myself struggling to find just the right words to define and explain beauty, especially when trying to explain it to my 3 year old. Words are important to me. They are weighty and carrying a lot of meaning. So, I did some research…


Beauty, as defined by is the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind.

I had to sit and ponder this for a minute. To wrap my head around the idea.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I think there is a huge part of beauty that seems mysterious to me. Because when something is beautiful sometimes we just can’t explain why. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. You just look at something and you see that intense pleasure or deep satisfaction and sometimes all you can muster is a whisper of “that’s beautiful” 


beauty is not perfection. and seeing life through precious little eyes reminds me of that all too often. a simple attempt at braided pig tails may frustrate me because they just don’t look right. But she sees the beauty in it. something so simple brings her great pleasure.

and that is beautiful.


maybe it is doing something you never thought you could do. that happened for me this week. when I first started CrossFit I wanted to do one of the benchmark “girl” workouts as prescribed… which at the time was SUPER heavy for me. I mean 95# from the ground to overhead 30 times is no joke. But I kept dreaming about it, and working for it. and this week I did it. and in that sweaty moment when the 30th Clean & Jerk locked out over my head I felt a moment of intense pleasure and deep satisfaction that I can’t explain.

It was beautiful.

So, I guess what I’m saying is I can’t really explain beauty to you in a way that would do it justice. But I can tell you when you see something beautiful… deep in your soul you will know what beauty really is.  You’ll feel it.

If we were having coffee… What would you tell me?

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Date: On Beauty”

  1. I would tell you that I’m so proud of you for clean and jerking that much! Holy crap. I would tell you thank you. I have been looking for a blogger I could connect with that was about my weight that I could follow and I found you (thru Miz). I would tell you thank you so much for re-inspiring me to begin again…again. And I would tell you that I, like you, want to get it right for my daughter. I was blessed to have a mom with the BEST self esteem…always saying that “she was beautiful”. I grew up with no body image issues…THAT is what I want to give my daughter. Then, I’d go ahead and order another one so we could keep talking. heehee. 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you found me too! Something about doing it to set a good example made it click for me. I want my daughter to feel strong and beautiful and never have to struggle with weight/body image like I have. Order us another, lets keep chatting!


  2. My 3 and 5 year old are watching tv as I read your post. I asked them to explain beautiful to me.

    My 5 year old says..I don’t know it is something pretty.

    My 3 year old looks at me and says “Mom it is kind of tricky to explain…it is when you really like to look at something…you just think it is really cool…or want to just keep looking at it…like I said it is tricky to explain!”

    Wow is all I can say. Out of the mouths of babes come true wisdom. My definition of beauty would include things that are not only appealing to the eye and spirit but that move me emotionally!


  3. I am so freaking impressed with your Grace!!!

    We’re doing “Running Grace” today.. 10 CJ with 400m in between.. really going to try to RX but 95 is so close to my max, it will be a tough one.

    Keep inspiring, Courtney. 🙂


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