Big Dreams lead to Big Announcements!

I have thought about how to start this post a million times over. I guess I should start with telling you all to NEVER ever ever stop dreaming big. Because big dreams do come true. and what I’m about to tell you is just the proof you might need to chase those dreams… because what if they really could come true?


I have never considered myself athletic. I’ve struggled with my weight nearly my whole life. I’ve always had big dreams, but never had the mental strength to pursue them… until last summer. When Chris and I first started CrossFit I would have never imagined it would change our lives the way it has. Obviously we are in far better physical shape, but we are also in far better mental shape. I knew if I could PR a lift, or land a box jump after months of doubting myself that I was far more capable of doing amazing things outside the box as well. After just a few months we knew this was something that was more than just a hobby to us. It was a way of life. So we began dreaming… could this be something that we could pursue on a grander scale? So we started talking to key people in our life about this possibility. We sought out wisdom and advice. We sold our screen printing business. We went to our Level 1 Certificate Course. We did paperwork, got investors, did more paperwork, painted, built lots of things (that was mostly Chris!), waited. waited, and waited… and now I can tell you. It is official…



CrossFit 70 is located right along Highway 70 in Wentzville, MO. We have been blessed to have so many supporters this far along the journey. This day seems so surreal, as we have worked long and hard to get here. This fitness journey has been a long one for me. If you would have asked me if I would ever want to work in the fitness industry I would have laughed at you up until a year or so ago. Now it is my passion and I hope to be able to be a part of that journey for so many others. This is just the beginning. I’ll do another post about all it took to get here, but I just had to share this with you! We should have the website/schedule up in the next day or so and classes will most likely begin in the next week or so.

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Do you Dream Big?!



51 thoughts on “Big Dreams lead to Big Announcements!”

  1. Yay that is such a great thing and definatly proves big dreams do come true. So happy for you! Wentzville is about an hour and ten minutes from me. May have to make the drive sometime to check it out. Never tried crossfit before.


    1. EEEEK! I wish you lived closer so I could get my baby fix from you guys, ha! Can’t wait until I hear your awesome news… that Baby A is here… cmon boy!


  2. I am so freaking proud of you, girl! You rock! Way to take a dream and make it happen (wait, that’s a song isn’t it??) Oh yes, from Flashdance. Anyway….so excited to see where this takes you next!!


  3. Wow – that is taking what you have learned and multiplying it times a million. Think of all the lives you might can change. Congratulations!


    1. AAHHHHH!! It’s so crazy, right?! Come visit me – I have a super cool guest room… Harper and Payt can do their own kiddo workout (Payton is a pro now! She knows all her Mousekersizes!) and we can workout and have coffee!


      1. YES! You are first on my list of travel plans, friend! Saving up the money! 🙂 I will definitely take you up on your offer someday. I would love to have you kick my ass in your fancy crossfit box!


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