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Weigh In Wednesday: Whole30 Week 2 Results

Weigh In Wednesday

So here it is Day 17 of my Whole30 Challenge… And like I wrote in the recap of week 2 – it was a tough week. Dang hormones/emotions/cravings. I wanted to know I was seeing results. Sure I generally feel better. I am sleeping better. I am enjoying coffee with just canned coconut milk or black (but still missing my creamy sweet coffee treats… Caramal Macchiato anyone?) But I wanted proof that my body was changing. I tried to convince Chris to take my pictures to compare but he said I’d like having just a before and after to see more dramatic changes. True, I guess…

So I broke one of the Whole30 rules. and I stepped on the scale.

if that is the worst thing I do these 30 days I think I’m doing ok. oh wait- i chewed some gum the other day. apparently thats not allowed either. I’m such a rebel.

I was at 187.4 – An 8lb loss! I’ll take it! I also did some measurements again


I remeasured around my hips several times. See that is my biggest problem area. Not only do I have the curse from my mothers side of the family (big cuban hips/butt) but a lot of my fat is stored in my lower belly area. It’s like a pouch, gross I know… it is one of the things that bothers me the most. I look normal in a lot of my pictures because I’m wearing shorts, but underneath that is my biggest trouble spot… The thing I want the most to go away. That is what keeps me in larger pants sizes, because my natural waist is much smaller. Anyway – this week it looks like it went down 2 inches, say what!? Also, my belly measurement (right at my belly button) is dangerously close to being out of the 40s! HUGE deal for me on that one. So I am now motivated to stay on the straight and narrow for the next week and a half or so to finish out my 30 days…. and hopefully convince myself not to gorge away my progress on Day 31.

I also have recently read a few articles on the idea that Steady State Cardio (aka- long distance running) jacks up your thyroid. Uhm – this would be BAD news to someone like me who already has a jacked up thyroid. So i’m thinking of taking on an interval system to get me through the half marathon in Pittsburgh next month. Anyone else know about thyroid issues and cardio? I plan on posting more about this after doing research, just wanted to put it out there.

Alright – your turn… did you make any progress this week? 

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18 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Whole30 Week 2 Results”

  1. no progress per say… i was out of the boot, now im back in the boot and my diet s off because im staying with my folks while i have the boot on…. glad to see whole 30 is working! have been contemplating doing that! prolly should just bite the bullet and do it…


  2. Hi, found ya from She’s a Big Star! Yay on your results so far!!! Amazing! I’ve been diving into blogs all day trying to get my motivation back, so thanks for sharing your story!!! Keep on rockin’ it!!!!


    1. It is definitely something worth trying -especially if you think you have any kind of issues with dairy or grains. I feel great! It has helped a lot with my hypothyroid symptoms too!


  3. (First time commenter!)

    Congrats on your results! Gives you the impetus to keep on pushing eh!

    RE: thyroid stuff, I do intervals mostly now as though my thyroid is fine I found with training for the 7km race I did, I plateaued like a boss! Now I do spin class etc and the weight is shifting again!


    1. SO glad you commented today Ellen! Do you have Hashimotos? I think after this half next month I’ll keep my long runs pretty short and do intervals. Gotta change it up!


      1. I don’t have Hashimoto’s, as far a I know! I had blood tests recently and everything was clear. I can be quite a high strung person, so Doc and PT thought my cortisol levels were keeping the weight on – running like I was running from dinosaurs meant my brain thought it needed to hold stores? Haha!
        Changing it up will definitely garner results! And you can get a lot of work into 20mins of intervals too!


  4. I’ve been taking progress pictures but haven’t stepped on the scale yet… I really really really want to because I know I’ve lost some. I am the smallest I’ve ever been and I still have a belly. I swear it’s from having babies. Fat collected there to keep them warm I guess. A trainer at the gym told me that belly fat is the last to go so be patient 🙂


    1. I took progress pictures after talking about not taking them. Way to stick to the no scale thing. I’m such a rule breaker.. ha. I’m the smallest I ever remember being – even smaller than I was in high school!


  5. Wow! Amazing! I am considering trying the whole 30 as I have incorporate no processed foods lately and no added sugar (with ssome splurges). I am such a picky eater I am scared I won’t find much that I can eat!
    Your progress is great and inspiring!


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