GNC Orange Cream & Nature’s Bakery

I know I posted about the Whole30 yesterday, and these items are NOT Whole30 compliant, but I tried them before I started and had this post scheduled for today!  

Remember those orange Dreamsicles you used to eat all the time as a kid? Swirled with Orange and Cream… So good. Well, I was recently asked to review GNC Lean 25 Orange Cream Protein Powder and this stuff tastes JUST like that. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about such a unique flavor. I’m used to plain old chocolate and vanilla protein. This was a welcome change of pace!


Yes, I HAD to use my orange blender bottle with my Orange Cream Protein. For just 200 Calories you get 25 grams of protein and 9 grams of dietary fiber. It also has just 3g of sugar.


One of the things I love about the whole line of GNC Lean 25 Protein is that they are creamy and thick when mixed with just water. Some other proteins don’t taste good mixed with just water, but this one does! It can be a post workout protein boost, a snack, or a meal replacement mixed in a smoothie on the go. For those of you who don’t eat breakfast, this is a great occasional substitute (of course, Natural Whole Foods are always the better choice!)


BONUS: The Orange Cream Lean 25 is on sale right now on the GNC website for just $12.99!! You’d better grab that deal while it lasts!

Another product that I was sent to try recently also helps with that hangry problem. When you so hungry your angry… Anyone else get like that? No? Just me? Ok, moving on! I was sent a variety of Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars to try out. I was excited about this because I’m a sucker for on the go food that is good and good for you. Whether it is running errands, to the gym and back, or a quick mid work day snack I am always looking for something that is yummy and filling.


They have 7 different varieties of the Fig Bar: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Whole Wheat Fig, Peach Apricot, Raspberry, Vanilla Fig, & Vanilla Raspberry. The blueberry seemed to be the favorite in my house. The husband and daughter both gobbled these up. 


I used them as pre-workout snacks a few days and afternoon snacks at my desk on other days. The were moist and delicious with the right balance of sweetness. Sometimes whole wheat can be crumbly, but these were not. They were great! I’d definitely keep these around as the occasional snack, especially for my daughter!

Did you eat dreamsicles? Do you like figs?

I was provided these products free of charge for the purpose of reviewing. All thoughts and opinion, as always, are my own. 


18 thoughts on “GNC Orange Cream & Nature’s Bakery”

  1. I LOVE figs; well, really love Fig Newtons 😉 hehe.

    I tried one of those Fig Bars from a Klutch box I got and was pleasantly surprised. They’re pretty heavy, too, so just the half square or whatever is perfect to fight a craving.


  2. OH!! I will have to try that protein shake. I normally buy the already made Total Lean Shakes at GNC, but I may just have to get the powder to try it out!!!


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