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I have a 3 year old…

When did that happen? I swear it was just yesterday I was heading into the hospital to have her. I remember seeing her for the first time, so tiny and pink. And now she is such a sassy, smart, & spunky little girl.


We got to celebrate her birthday twice! Once last week with our family in St Louis and again this past weekend with my family in Florida. She absolutely loved it. It is so fun to see them get excited about their birthday as they get older.

I am so incredibly proud of her. She is the sweetest most intelligent 3 year old I know. She really is wise beyond her years (which I’m sure will bring me trouble in the years to come. She loves to cuddle. I know that won’t last forever so when she begs for cuddles I am usually quick to give them to her. She has a huge personality. She loves to sing and dance, can’t ever get enough Disney, and sees the world through those magical innocent little eyes. It is so refreshing to be able to see the world again through her eyes, it reminds me that there still is so much to wonder at. Sometimes the responsibility of being a parent is overwhelming, but it is absolutely outweighed by the joy that she brings to our lives.

Happy Third Birthday Baby Girl. Don’t grow up too fast.


10 thoughts on “I have a 3 year old…”

  1. What a great time! I have three and four year old granddaughters and it’s such a great, fun age.

    Love that Payton was able to celebrate twice. How fun!


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