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FringeSport Bomba Bar Review

Last month I got the funnest package ever.


I literally laughed out loud when I read “Caution: May Induce Fire Breathing” – I mean, how awesome is that?

I have been talking with the guys from FringeSport about doing a product review for awhile and when they offered me a discount on the Bomba Women’s Bar in exchange for an honest blog review I couldn’t turn it down. Since starting CrossFit I’ve really fallen in love with the lifting aspect of it. I want to be strong. I want to be good. And that takes practice. Our CrossFit classes are well structured, but sometimes I want to work more on a certain lift and just run out of time. Having a Women’s Bomba Bar at home makes it easy to work on my lifts whenever the urge strikes.


When I opened up the package I was in love. I mean, this bar is sexy. It even has a PINK Bomba Logo on the ends. LOVE. Now if only they made the whole bar pink…


Another great thing about the Bomba Bar is that it is Made in the USA. Love that. Also, FringeSport offers FREE and FAST shipping anywhere in the U.S. How great is that?!

A few more stats on the Bomba Bar from the Fringe Sport website:

100% Made in the USA
Black zinc finished shaft
Bright zinc finished collars
25mm shaft diameter
Self-lubricating oil-lite bushing provide great spin for the oly lifts
Great knurl depth- neither a cheese grater nor too soft
Awesome knurl pattern for CrossFit- Olympic hash marks and no middle knurl
800 pound weight capacity

I’ve been using lighter weight and working on my form more since my Level 1 Cert (Rich Froning telling you that you have lazy elbows makes you want to work on your form extra hard) and having this bar has helped a lot. I look forward to spending a lot of time with this baby…


Fringe Sport offers more than just Barbells. They have a huge variety of CrossFit equipment from Gymnastic Rings to Kettlebells. If you are looking for a few things to use at home, build a box, or a garage box – FringeSport can help you out!

What is your favorite piece of fitness equipment?

I was given a discount in exchange for my honest opinions on this product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


14 thoughts on “FringeSport Bomba Bar Review”

  1. Absolutely Love Fringesport! Those guys are super easy to work with, and free shipping is awesome!

    This bar looks like a must-have for a lady’s home gym!! I unfortunately had to give up a lot of my gym equipment recently in a breakup, but am looking to rebuild in the spring, and these are my go-to guys!

    My favorite piece of equipment is probably the barbell!

    (and thanks for adding a follow button!)


    1. So it turns out I had installed the comment reply widget forever ago… and didn’t realize you had to actually turn it on #bloggerfail Thanks for helping me figure it out!!


  2. I LOVE you, this post, and FringeSport! This barbell is awesome! I didn’t even know they had Women’s barbells!?!? Not that I lift 800#, but it is stellar that it goes up that high! How much does the bar itself weigh? Is it like a standard Olympic Barbell 45#? Happy birthday again to Payton and as far as how cute we are, we are only trying to keep up with you two! 😉 xoxoxoxo You rock my socks lady….. yeah the Barbell babe socks


    1. YES!! When working on lifts like the Snatch and even the Clean I like to use the hook grip. The women’s bars typically have smaller shafts (thats what she said) and they weigh 35lbs. I don’t mind using men’s barbells for squats and deadlifts, but when a lift requires more of a grip I like to be able to wrap my hand all the way around. Man, you can’t talk about that without getting dirty… haha!


  3. I have recently fallen in love with a kettle bell as for some reason it doesnt wreck my carpal tunnel to sling it around like most dumbells do. I will have to check out their site though because I am ready for a heavier kettle 🙂


  4. First — bwahaha at you talking about smaller shafts =p This is awesome — I’m with you. I’d love to have more time to work on it and love the pink detail. Still so jealous you got taught and trained with Rich, so AWESOME! Keep it up chica 🙂


  5. Wow, this comment thread is more exciting than the usual barbell threads! Now who needs help with their sn… I kid, I kid.

    Glad you enjoyed the Bomba Bar! And I loved the review. Keep crushing it.


  6. RICH was at your Level 1???!!! ack.
    I love Fringe. We are picking out our at home equipment when we drive up to Austin next month! Good review. I prefer the men’s bar grip but I have used the Bombda bar a few times and agree with your quality assessment.


    1. YES! Rich, Jason Khalipa, Neal Maddox, & Austin Stack! Stellar Seminar Staff for sure. I like the women’s grip for Snatching mostly, I can do most everything else with a mens bar, but I really like being able to have a tight hook grip for the snatch


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