Coffee Date

Coffee Date: February Goals

Hey Friends! So excited you stopped by for our Coffee Date. SO much going on right now! I can’t believe it is February already. You know what that means? My BABY turns 3 this month? GAAAAAHHHH.


Whew- I’m back. I had a mommy melt down. Time goes so fast doesn’t it? Are you ready for coffee? Grab a cup and let’s chat.


Here is my little visual reminder of my goals, all valentines themed. I swear making it cute makes it easier to hit your goals. ha.


Your turn… If we were having coffee, what would you tell me? 
Do you have goals for February?

PS- Don’t forget about the Dietbet… it starts Monday!!


6 thoughts on “Coffee Date: February Goals”

  1. I spread my goals throughout the year and do monthly checkups so I don’t get overwhelmed and try to get it done in a month – my way of playing mind games with myself 😉 In February I plan to do my 4th half in 6 months and also my 6th race of the year so far!


  2. Mine is to get my body fat % down.before I start bulking again. Have I mentioned I really want a cheeseburger ha ha ha ha I can not believe Pay is gonna be 3 already!!!! Where did the time go??? Ugh I miss the baby stage xoxoxo You rock by the way Mrs Fabulous!!!!


  3. good luck with your cf cert!! you’ll rock it!! when i taught an active living summer school class, we did a lot of jump roping. we all tried to do double unders but i never got it. some of my 8-9 year olds were awesome at it!! i’ll need to try again this summer!!


  4. Good luck on your crossfit certification — that is soooo awesome!! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the summer so I can get back into crossfit. WOo hoo!! Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you! 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  5. I’ve got to be more intentional!!! My eating is spiraling and it’s not good!!! Signed up for diet bet!!! I’m about 15 lbs shy of my heaviest weight, NOT GOOD!!! I want to read “it starts with food”… Not sure I could do paleo, but honestly I don’t really know much about the book other than its reputation for being awesome.


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