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Weekly Workout Recap: Back to the Grind

After spending over a week away from a normal workout routine I was ready to get back to the grind! I missed getting my sweat on. We got home on Saturday and I knew that since I missed some of my CrossFit Endurance Training runs that I thought I could get in while we were gone (ya, right) I had to get out and do my 5k TT (Time Trial) So that’s what I did on Sunday!

Sunday 1/20-
CFE W1D3 – 5k TT


This pace was pretty close to my 5k PR from last month, so I was pretty happy with it. Especially after being sick, then having a week off, and jumping right back into training.


Monday 1/21- CrossFit & CFE W3D1

A) 3 x 10-15 chin-ups
B) 3 x max handstand holds
For 20 minutes do:
Even minutes: 3 power cleans AHAP (I did 85, but totally could have done 95. Dang)
Odd minutes: 15 wall ball shots 20/14

It sure felt good to be back! Event if Wall Ball Shots are from the devil.


That afternoon I went out for 12×200 repeats with 90 seconds rest in between. I ended up averaging 1:16 per repeat, which is the same as my last set of 200 repeats. At least I’m consistent!


Also- It was 17 degrees out… and I still went! I want this PR!


Tuesday 1/22 – CrossFit

Back squats 1-10-1-20
Fran ladder for seven minutes
Thrusters 95/65


Everyone loves a little Fran Ladder, right? I got 6 reps into the set of 15.
I also finally wore my Reebok CrossFit shorts I’ve had for awhile. They are great!

Wednesday 1/23- CFE W3D2

5x800m w/ 2:30 rest


Holy smokes. 800 meters is a long time. Half a mile. Holding a fast past for that long was tough. I averaged 5:56 per 800. I nearly puked a few times. Oh the fun! I spent some time with my Foam roller after. That thing hurrrrrts so good. Apparently it looks really fun because P decided she needed to get in on the action.


Thursday 1/24- CrossFit

Take 20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max for a snatch.
75 power snatches 75/55


I PR’d my Snatch! Old PR is 65 and new PR is 80! WHOOO!

I also finished Randy RX in 6:18!

Friday 1/25- CrossFit

Strict press
3 rounds , each for time of:
500 meter row
20 Slammers 10/20/30/40/50
15 hand release push-ups
Rest 2 min
Each round needs to be within plus or minus 10 seconds of the previous round or a 10 burpee penalty will be levied.

My fastest round was 3:54. I stayed within time (barely), That was tough!

Saturday 1/26 – CrossFit

Tempo front squat 3 x 3
For time:
150 DUs (450 Singles)
30 CTB pull ups
30 burpees
150 DUs (450 Singles)
30 CTB Pull Ups
30 burpees
50 DUs (150 singles)
25 minute cap

Holy Double Unders, Batman! I have been working really hard on these, but I still can’t do more than a handful at a time. The first round of jump rope I lost count. I was mixing doubles and singles and had no clue where I was, so I just kept jumping until most of the people finished. You know it is bad when I thought of the burpees as “rest” … I HATE burpees. I got about 10 reps into the final set of jump ropes. That was tough.

Sunday 1/27- CFE W3D3

5 Miles. They were supposed to be at last weeks 85% pace, but I didn’t do the 85% run since I was in Costa Rica. I decided to try for negative splits. I’ve NEVER been able to do a full run with negative splits. I started out pretty slow, thanks to a bunch of hills getting out of the neighborhood. I did the second mile a bit faster and the third mile a hair faster as well. The mile from 3-4 I jumped up A LOT faster. Dang it. I knew I was going to have to push it to finish… I did! 5 Miles of Negative Splits!!



AND if I kept up this average pace during the half I would PR by 30 minutes… Just sayin…

I had SUCH an awesome week of workouts and I’m ready to hit it hard again!

What was your best workout this week?
Have you ever done a negative split run?

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap: Back to the Grind”

  1. Holy smokes girl!!! 6:18 for Randy? My RX Randy took me 9:44! You’re a beast!

    My best workout this week was Cindy. I RXed for the first time and got 12 rounds plus the first pullup of the 13th round. Never thought I’d get 61 “real” pullups!!!


  2. I made up my own workout on Saturday that was AWFUL! For time: 150 kb swings (15 lbs) 150 jump rope (I don’t have a rope so I just did single jumping motions) 125 SDHP (15 lb KB) 125 step ups (can’t do box jumps—plus they scare the shiz outta me!!) 100 deadlifts (30 lbs) 100 jumping jacks 75 hang power cleans (30 lbs) and 75 situps. I had sooooo many distractions that I had actually planned out a 50 and 25 set, but wasn’t able to complete them because of time and said distractions. It took me like 54 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAcccckkkkk!!! HORRID! Had a great calorie burn, but I wasn’t expecting it to take so long!


  3. Congrats on your week AND the negative splits. I bet that feels awesome. I did it once (by accident) but was pretty excited! Wish I could plan it and do it on purpose!


  4. Man, reading your workouts is exhausting!! 🙂
    I should look into the Crossfit Endurance training programs.. Got a 10k in March that I want to beat my last 10k of 1:16.. my endurance is horrible!
    Awesome PR, btw!!


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