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Coffee Date Friday

Hola Amigos! I’m so happy to be joining you guys for coffee date today! I just got back from CrossFit so excuse my no-makeup/messy hair/gym clothes look. ha. Check out what I’m drinking during our chat today:


It’s a juicing concoction inspired by a recipe my bloggy crush Emily from Fit and Free Emily posted the other day.
(be sure to check her out, she is AMAZING!)

I never thought about adding in cinnamon to my juice, but it is actually really good!

Anyway, back to coffee date… here we go….

So I mentioned it in the video, but let’s talk about They contacted me wanting me to try them out. Since I have to wear glasses I treat them like accessories and like to have different choices. They have a great selection online and let you upload a picture to do a virtual try on. This time I went a little bolder than I normally would and picked out these bad boys. I was skeptical at first, but it turns out I totally love them!



I think I’ve got the “nerdy” part of nerdy chic down… but I’m still working on the chic…


Be sure to check out their First Pair Free Program!

Your turn… If we were having coffee, what would you tell me? 
Do you wear glasses or contacts?


12 thoughts on “Coffee Date Friday”

  1. Holy crap, woman! I loved those glasses all week, but that last picture .. HOT MAMA! They look amazing on you! 😀

    We’re basically bloggy-soulmates. I’ve decided. So pumped about the 2013 Pretty Muddy adventure!


  2. Hey girl! Love the glasses. My voice and direction have totally changed through the blogging community. We also moved when we got married 5 years ago and this community has been such a positive thing for me too. Glad you linked up!


  3. HOLY SPIRIT. and by that i mean spirit airlines. how was your experience with them? i just flew with them to texas last week and it went pretty well, but my grandparents flew with them a few years ago and had a terrible experience.

    the interaction that comes with blogging is critical for me! i’ve met some good friends that are nearby as a result of blogging and i’ve loved that, especially since most of my friends have moved out of state since we graduated high school and college.


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