Guest Post: Counting Our Cupcakes

Hello lovelies! I’m Allie from Counting Our Cupcakes— where I like to blog about running, weight  loss, my infertility, and beauty products! I am so grateful that Courtney is allowing me to high jack her blog today while she basks away in the sunshine! ((jealous))


Today I want to blog about how I am adding in weight training, and piggy back on Courtney’s word for 2013, INTENTIONAL.

Weight loss and getting to a healthier life style doesn’t happen over night. It requires planning and being INTENTIONAL.

You have to be INTENTIONAL about your eating, whether that’s counting calories, meal planning, and stocking the house with healthy things. ((for me, I have to be very intentional about all of the above))


You have to be INTENTIONAL about your workouts too!! My workouts of choice are running and yoga. However, I know that muscle burns more fat, and even though I know running and yoga are great, I need to do more weight training to build muscle. BUT I HATE WEIGHT TRAINING!!

 Ok, maybe I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it. The reasons are pretty dumb, because they’re the same reasons I used to not like to run or workout period.

It’s HARD! I’m NOT good at it!

Heard that before?? Yea, most of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy, but when we step up, and do what we’re afraid todo (whatever the reason)  we end up feeling GREAT about ourselves! WE DID IT!


I never would have thought a year ago that I would enjoy running, or yoga for that matter, but I DO!! Because I challenged myself and I stuck with it.

I tell you this because it spills over into how I’m adding in weight training. Right now, I’m trying to weight train twice a week. My plan is to get it in before yoga, since I’ll already be at the gym, and I do yoga twice a week. I’m actually writing down my workouts to keep myself accountable and keep track ((PS It’s incomplete)).

For starters I’m just using the machines at my lil gym. I’ll do all the machines for legs one day, and then all the machines for arms the next day. Right now, that’s where I’m comfortable and feel like I can find success. Legs are really my favorite to workout ((bc they are stronger, and easier…. And bc I’m a runner)).

photo 1

Arms are a different story. Oh, my upper body is weak! Gotta start somewhere though folks! Building my upper body will help me with yoga too. ((I haven’t quite figured out what my plan is for my core, but it gets a good work out in yoga.))

Everything works together folks!! Little changes add up to big changes!!!

photo 3

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Allie! Guys- Be sure to check out her blog, Counting Our Cupcakes. She is so inspiring and brave to share her journey with weight loss and struggles with infertility. You’ll love her. She is one of my most recent blog crushes 😉

How are you going to be intentional this year?


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