CrossFit Endurance Half Marathon Training Plan

I consider running my first fitness love. That’s really what got me into “healthy living” several years ago. I started running a little bit at a time and then jumped into training for a marathon. Not the best idea I’ve ever had, but I learned a lot. Right after I DNF’d the Disney Marathon, I jumped right into training for the GO! STL Half Marathon just 2 weeks after that ugly DNF experience. I didn’t really feel prepared and practically crawled across the finish line in 3:23:48. It was a few minute PR from the Half Marathon Split from Disney, but I know that I know I can do better. In training for both The Disney Marathon and the GO! Half marathon I just put in the miles. Which will (in theory) get you to the finish line. This year I am going to run the GO! Half Marathon again, but I plan on setting a huge PR. Since last year I have learned so much more about training, started CrossFit, and lost about 25lbs. Those factors along with using a CrossFit Endurance Training plan will help me reach my goal.

My plan is to keep going to my regular 5am CrossFit, but adding in specific running intervals 3x a week. I found a plan here – but wanted to make it a little prettier, so I made my own excel spreadsheet.


I’m super excited to see how using a specific training plan, along with speed and strength training, will help me improve my Half Marathon time.

This year I am again partnering with The Crossing and Team Living Water to run this race to raise awareness and funds for those who don’t have access to clean drinking water. Take a look at this quick video:

We endure, so they don’t have to.

My goal is to raise $500 towards this cause. If you have a few extra dollars to spare, please consider donating now.

Have you ever used a CrossFit Endurance Training plan?


29 thoughts on “CrossFit Endurance Half Marathon Training Plan”

  1. This is a VERY inspiring plan! I often tell people that I have two passions for 2013: Competing in a CrossFit competition and running my first half-marathon. I know they seem to contradict each other; but you prove they can actually be intertwined! And the whole jumping right into marathon training at the beginning of this “healthy living” journey? GUILTY. And it failed me. Now just getting back on track and progressing SLOWLY. You rock by the way!


  2. I have done CFE, I like the structure, but my advice is that you never miss one of those weekend runs. Even though CFE is against LSD (Long Slow Days) they program the Sat runs longer, that is when you not only need to get endurance up but also where you need to practice everything, if you’re going to drink water during your race you should be drinking during those long runs, or gatorade or whatever the race is going to have. Train those long runs on sat and treat them like race with even dinner the night before. Practice everything.


  3. So I’m curious–when you list those intervals, are they in the midst of a longer run or just stand alone? As a running coach, my knee-jerk reaction to this plan is that it’s not enough running, but maybe I am missing something!


    1. Amanda, CFE is 100% against the LSD, they don’t argue that it doesn’t work, they just say that it is not necessary. That doing these workouts along with doing normal Crossfit WODs you can train your body. I am the first to admit that I love CFE because it doesn’t take so much time, but it is hard, because those are supposed to be fast. I training for a 50k with a similar plan, and it worked great for me. We all find something we like, as long as it works for you and youre not getting injured, I’m just happy she is training for a half.


  4. I agree with Zippy but don’t want to say anything unless asked! I know that I did an insanity program before my 15k and while I finished I felt like I didn’t get a feel enough for the distance and mileage wasn’t on my legs. This time around, with the halves I have a running coach who has me running 5+ times a week but with a long run, tempo, speedwork, etc. just a thought! Strength training is super important, but I just make sure to do it twice a week and then yoga once a week to balance out the running


  5. WOOHOO!!! I was thinking about doing the 5k since I can’t do the half marathon this year! Because I still want to meet all my STL Home girls!!

    Good luck with training! You’re going to do amazing!


  6. This is going to be such a different race for you- can’t wait to see you crush your old pr! And for such an awesome cause. I love that line- ‘we endure, so they don’t have to’ – I’m running the Houston marathon on Sunday for MS, I’m going to write that down as one of my mantras to keep me going!


  7. I am SO excited for you to start this training. Since I started doing crossfit earlier this year I was more than curious how to combine both crossfit and running together. I can’t wait to follow you on this journey and hopefully be able to do some do the same post baby! Good luck girly!!


  8. I just started Crossfit (and had only peripheral awareness of CFE). I don’t think I understand this program, are WODs incorporated on the other days? Are these sorts of programs available from the CFE site (couldn’t find them)?


  9. Good luck Courtney!! You’re going to absolutely crush your previous PR no matter what. Looking at your plan, I would possibly trade out some of the interval days for a tempo run here and there to get some consistant running on your legs with minimal breaks- only when you need it, unless you’re going for a total run/walk approach 🙂


  10. YES! I love this — I think you will totally ROCK your next race! This plan looks great — I’m actually thinking of stealing it from you! I’ve been looking for one to help tie my CrossFit & running together. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  11. You go girl! I just finished my first half in Feb. and trained with the CFE plan. It rocked and I didn’t have to go for miles and miles to get ready. Rock on!


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    Is there an easy method you are able to remove me from
    that service? Kudos!


  13. Looks great! I’d love to use this but I’m having a hard time viewing the entire plan. Is there something I need to do to access it?




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