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Coffee Date: What I Know Now


Can you tell I’m excited it’s Friday?! While this week has been a good one, I’ve been aching for some more “free” time to get stuff done. Did you notice I didn’t post yesterday. Yea. It was “one of those” days. Where you turn your alarm off instead of hitting snooze… wake up at 4:55 and still manage to make it all the way across town for CrossFit before 5:15. yea. It was just a snowball. Eh- Can’t win them all I suppose.

I’m so excited for our Coffee Date! What are you drinking this morning? I drank my new favorite Tea, Stash Holiday Chai, on the way to CrossFit this morning. Since I woke up on time and all.

Starbucks Coffee

Now I’ve moved on to my Starbucks K-Cup Pike’s Place Blend. With Cream. In my BFF cup (Love you Ky!!) With my Polka Dot Shirt. and my awesome earrings from Keyona- My blogger swap partner! While we are on the subject lets talk about the Blogger Swap! Kassie from Southern Girl Gets Fit (LOVE her) organized this. We were partnered with another blogger and told to get them $30 worth of fun stuff. You can see what I sent Keyona here. Look at what she sent me!


I have been eyeing a polka dot scarf for weeks (thanks for having it right by the entrance, Target). And now I have one! The snowman mug? Too cute. I’ve also been using the water bottle tons. And the chevron notebook is now my meal planning/grocery shopping notebook. There were earrings and lip gloss, along with face masks in that cute pouch. But my favorite part- She sent coloring book and crayons for Little Dreamer. YES! This keeps her occupied long enough for me to remember what silence is like… Beautiful. Thank you so much, Keyona!!

Ok… on to the Coffee Date… you ready? You probably have been for awhile… here we go….

I’m linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches and Maggie from GussySews. I adore both of these lovely ladies. They are both amazing bloggers, business women, wives, and mamas (or mama-t0-be in Maggie’s case). Be sure to check them out and link up!

Your turn- What is something you know now that you wish you had known “then”? What would you tell me if we were meeting up for Coffee?


9 thoughts on “Coffee Date: What I Know Now”

  1. I wish I would have known I could say “no” to people! I used to feel like if someone asked me to do something or invited me somewhere, I had to say yes unless a previous commitment made it impossible.

    Now I have learned that I can just say, “Aw, thanks, but I can’t.” Even if I am just saying no because I want to spend my evening reading a book and going to bed early. So freeing!

    I am drinking a ton of water and have already downed two cups of tea. Trying to kick the beginnings of a cold.

    Have a great weekend, girl!


  2. I love this Vlog! Love what you said about living in the moment. And you Eloped!? Maybe you wrote about that somewhere here?! 🙂 Stopping by from the link-up.


  3. I love your hair! What I know now that I wish I knew then: 1. I wish I had taking school more seriously 2. To stick up for myself and not be a pusher over. 3. To love my body… Thanks for posting your Vlog 🙂


  4. I loved you video. My hubby & I eloped too. I also find adult friendships are very hard. You think it would be easier. HA! Oh BTW, I would love to get in on your swaps. I do craft swaps through I am having loads of fun with that. Your swap looked like it was a fun goody filled bag. I love to put a package with smiles guarenteed together for someone I have never met face to face. I get enjoyment doing stuff like that. UH…I’m rambling on now. I either need to work up the courage to do a vlog or at least write on my blog the advice to my younger self. Hope you have a happy holiday season.
    Blessings & Friendship,


  5. Great scarf! I’m a polka dot girl myself. Unfortunately, my super slow connection won’t load the video, but I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas countdown, Courtney.


  6. I need in on this blogger swap! sounds like fun!

    3 things I wish I knew then that I know now:
    1- Stand up for myself in high school. I let a lot of people take advantage of me and walk all over me. 2- Have more fun in high school & college, wish I would have dated more, gone out with friends, etc. 3- Start a family sooner. We’re trying to start a family and I’m getting SO impatient. LOL.

    p.s. your little girl is adorable. I love all the IG pics!


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