Coffee Date: #itsaboutgiving

Thank the Lord almighty it’s Friday. I feel like the weeks get longer and shorter at the same time. Weird. I have SO much going on right now that I totally forgot to record my video… So we are going old school with this Coffee Date. Ya ready? Grab your cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend (and if you don’t have some – go get some today… it’s on SALE!) and let’s chat!

If we were having coffee I would probably thank you a million times over for getting me out of the house and away from this darn computer. Working on it 8 hours a day and then spending the evenings working on school/blog stuff makes me feel like my hands are permanently attached to this thing.

If we were having coffee I would tell you how incredibly excited and inspired at am at the response to the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge. 344 people have put their money where there mouth is and committed to losing weight this Holiday season (You can still join! Lose 4% of your starting weight by Jan 2 and you can get a piece of the $6880 pot!) I am blown away when I look at the Dietbet page and all the inspiration going on there. People are sharing recipes and encouragement. There is also some friendly smack talk going down, but isn’t a little competition fun? Isn’t it funny how hard we work when money is on the line? ha. Want some more encouragement? Check out the Celebrate The Progress post and all the things people are celebrating in the comments!

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that I have been a little introspective lately. One of my december goals is to be generous. When I made that goal I thought it would be easy- just give more right? It could have easily just become another thing to “check off” my list. I have been trying to search my heart a little deeper though. I guess it goes back to my be grateful goal from last month. Being grateful of everything I’m blessed with makes it easier for me to be generous. Reading all the stories from Mama Laughlin’s 12 Days of giving has me thinking about how blessed I am. Sometimes I get caught up in the “I want” mentality, when in reality I am SO SO blessed. I have a nice house. A bed to sleep in. Heat and AC. A fridge full of healthy food. An amazing husband and beautiful little girl. A supportive family. Cars that run well. and SO much more. Being generous is more than just about giving.

This season is filled with happiness and warmth and family for so many. But for others it is a stinging reminder of disappointment, loneliness, and lack. This season is about more than just trees and lights, its about giving. It has ALWAYS been about giving. The very first Christmas God gave his son. As a kid I didn’t understand the magnitude of that gift. As a parent, holy crap. I can’t even imagine. It seems so…. emotionally confusing to think about. You know how excited you are to give that “perfect” gift to someone you love. When you’ve “nailed it!” on picking it out. But what if giving the perfect gift was SO painfully hard. Like God sending his Son. Blows my mind.

There are SO many opportunities to help people in need this season, and year round. I wish I could help everyone. One way that I have found to help those in need is to sponsor a Compassion Child. This Christmas season Compassion is trying to Raise $20,000 for Children in Poverty. That may seem like a huge goal. It is. But you know what? I think we can do it. If you can spare just a little or if you can spare a lot, please consider donating this season.

Speaking of giving, don’t forget about the Under Armour Shoe Giveaway! I get so excited to give stuff away to you guys.
because you rock.

and if we were having coffee, I would pick up the tab. Even if you ordered a Venti-Super Special $8 Starbucks with all the fixins.

I’d send you off with a hug. Not an awkward side hug, but a real deal bear hug. because you deserve to know how much you mean to me.

You all encourage and inspire me everyday.

Your turn, if we were having coffee… What would you tell me?
What does giving mean to you?


4 thoughts on “Coffee Date: #itsaboutgiving”

  1. Aww what a sweet coffee date. 🙂

    I like Kat’s definition of giving. Sometimes I make generosity too surface level. Oh I donated a dollar at the register or threw in some toys for tots. When I have to give of my time, sometimes I don’t do it with the right attitude. A generous heart is what I need to work on.

    So we should have a real coffee date sometime soon! Have fun at the santa dash today.



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