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Weekly Workout Recap

Hey Friends! How’s it going?! Can you believe we are already over a week into December?! That means I’ve had a week to work on my December goals! I feel pretty good about them! This weeks workouts were pretty intense. Check em out!

Monday- CrossFit

Take 15 min to find a 1 rep max for a
squat clean. –
EMOM for 10 mins
Even mins : 4 squat cleans at 70% of
max – 75lbs
Odd mins: 8 Burpees

Tuesday- CrossFit + 2 Mile Run

Strict Press 3 x 5
AMRAP in 5 min of:
7 KB swings 53/35
7 SDHP 53/35
Rest 2 min
AMRAP in 5 min of:
5 pullups
10 DUs
Post WOD
Tabata pushups

I was so excited about this one… I did my first workout with a single band (green) on the pull ups! WOOT!

I also got in a 2 mile night run. I love running at night at Christmas time, the lights are so pretty! I’ve also been loving my Therafit Shoes by Dr Lisa. I’ll have a full review next week… including a chance for you to win a pair of your own!

Wednesday- 1 Mile run

I had piles of laundry and dishes, but decided to go for a run anyway. Just an easy mile, but it felt good!

Thursday- CrossFit + 1.55 Mile Run

Back squat 3 x 5
0-1 min 60 squats
1-2 min 30 pushups
2-3 min 50 DUs (150 singles)
3-4 min 25 sit ups
4-5 min 40 Mt. Climbers
5-6 min 20 pistols (alt legs)
6-7 min 30 wallballs 20/14
7-8 min 15 Kb swings 53/35
8-9 min 20 T2B
9-10 min 10 ring dips
10-11 min 10 HSPU
11-12 min 5 wall climbs
Each athlete has 1 minute to complete each set of reps. For each set not completed, a 5 burpee penalty will be assessed. Burpees should be completed at the end of the 12th minute.

Ugh. I have several problems with this WOD. If it were “For Time” I wouldn’t have cared… but having just one minute to do each of these, it was impossible. I’m all for pushing myself beyond my limits… but these just wasn’t doable. I did a lot of burpees. LOL.

I also went on a 1.55 mile run/walk with Payton to see the Christmas lights. So fun!

Friday- CrossFit

Strength: Press complex, 4 sets
3 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk
3 min rest in between sets
Work up to heaviest load possible
10 Minute Ladder:
1 Push Press 115/75
1 Pullup
2 Push Press
2 Pullups
3 Push Press
3 Pullups
Post WOD
5 min hollow rock .Do as many hollow rocks in 5 min as

I enjoyed this WOD. What made it even more fun? Realizing you and one of your workout partners were dressed as twinsies!

Me and The Jenny Pincher are Warrior Twins! and check out my pit sweat stain.

Saturday- Santa’s North Pole Dash + Olympic Lifting Seminar

a little preview of the fun! I’ll have a full recap up, but I PR’D the 5K AND set a new PR for the Clean at the Olympic Lifting Seminar. BOOM!

Sunday- Rest

I hurt so bad. Every step is a reminder of my PRs!

I’m linking up with little girl in the big world for the weekly workout roundup!

So, how was your week of workouts?  Did you set any PRs this week?!


16 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap”

  1. Congrats on a great week, Courtney! No PR’s for me this week as I let this kind of be a cooling off week after my half. This week starts training for my next half!


  2. Thanks for linking up! great workouts this week! Yay for Green band! I did crossfit for about two weeks and loved it! I just couldn’t figure out how to fit it in with running because I was always so sore!


  3. Nice job Courtney! Those WODs are just absolutely insane. That one with the burpees as punishment would have caused me to have a lot of burpees too. I can’t imagine doing burpees after all of that! Do you wear a HRM during these? How many calories are you burning? It seems like it must be so many! And nice job on all the runs. I need to do a night run because of the Christmas lights. I’m a little bit of a chicken with night running. Can’t wait to hear about your 5k PR and clean PR. In one day? Awesome!


    1. I haven’t worn a HRM yet… but I’m getting one this week! I have worn my bodymedia and it is several hundred calories each time. Can’t wait to use my Polar to get the actual start to finish calorie counts! I love night runs, but I usually stay in my little neighborhood. I’ve been meaning to get more “safety” gear like headlamp/reflective vest… thanks for the reminder!


  4. CONGRATS!!! AWESOME PRs!! And I would not have liked the Thursday WOD – I would have done a million burpees haha 🙂 I wish I could get back into my running – I need to just make myself do it! ❤ SPA ❤


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