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Weigh In Wednesday: #HolidayWLC {link up}

IT’S HERE! Today is the Start of the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge Dietbet!!

Introducing… Weigh In Wednesday!

I weighed in on Monday, and it was a sobering experience.

Granted, I “let myself go” a bit this weekend since I knew this challenge was coming up.

So- Here is my official weigh in picture


I’ve been hovering around 192 since September. A few pounds up and down, but usually right at 192. But 196?! That is WAY too close to being back in the 200’s. I kinda wanted to be down about it. But I also realized it is my 6 Month CrossFit Anniversary. So I did a little collage to remind me of how far I’ve come.

6 month CrossFit Progress Pictures

So encouraging. Seeing all that progress made me even more excited to take on this challenge!!

 My plan of attack this week is to drink lots of water. I have been using the Idrated App on my phone to remind me to drink my water. I’ve been tracking my calories using MyFitnessPal (my name on there is courtnorm), as well as using my BodyMediaFit which now links with MyFitnessPal. It’s pretty awesome. As far as eating goes, I’ve been focusing on lean protein and veggies. I pretty much eat spinach with everything.

I’ve also been trying to run more, since running 40 miles is one of my December Goals. I’m using my Believe I am Journal to track it and it makes it fun!

If you are joining us for the challenge, feel free to use the hashtag #HolidayWLC on twitter and instagram. Each week I’m going to host this link up for us to check in on each other. Also, It’s not too late join! The pot is up to $5860 as of 8am this morning!

What are you doing to stay on track this holiday season?

Feel Free to link up to Weigh In Wednesday for some accountablity and encouragement… Even if you aren’t doing the dietbet!

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26 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: #HolidayWLC {link up}”

  1. Hey Courtney, so glad you told me about the bet at Q last week as I’m all in!

    Now sure how much I’ll be blogging about it but will def check with you and other guys to give and receive motivation. 🙂

    Here’s to our successful achievements!



  2. Oh how I wish I could join this challenge! Being prego means no diets for me as the doctor told me to just eat right and gain properly for that baby…it’s going to be really exciting to see how everyone does though! Good luck to all!!! –Also you look fabulous! Such a difference in inches!


  3. Thanks so much for starting this challenge. I really need a kick in the rear to stay on track through the Holidays. I really want to try Crossfit, but I am SCARED of being the weakest one there. 😦


    1. GIRL. First of all THANK YOU for joining with me. Second of all – DON’T BE SCARED!!! I was the slowest, weakest, and chubbiest… but I have worked my way up the ranks! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


  4. You’re doing great, try to keep it clean through most of the holidays! I started at 286 and I’m down to 176. Goal is around 150. I’ve also been hovering here for a while, but the crossfit games is my new inspiration! I desperately want to lose 20 pounds before 6 March. So that’s my goal, set goals for yourself and believe! You’ve come so far, you can do it!


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