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WIAW: “Good Conscience” Waffles

Welcome to Journey of a Dreamer! So glad you joined me today. If you are new around here feel free to click around and get to know me. You can also subscribe via email or Google Reader in the sidebar on the right. Glad to have you! If you have been around awhile you know what today is… What I Ate Wednesday!! This is just a typical day of eats for me. We link up over at Peas & Crayons and get to explore what everyone else is eating too!

So the other day the hubs and his BFF were talking about how they wanted waffles for breakfast (I make them both breakfast after CrossFit almost every day, usually Eggs and Bacon) Something about going to vote and it being election day… and waffles. Real Waffles (because if it were up to me I’d make Paleo waffles). Well I started looking up recipes for waffles and found one that looked fine, but then I started to feel guilty before even cooking it. I couldn’t, in good conscience, just give them plain old white flour white sugar filled waffles.

I had a guilty conscience. So I made a few substitutions to the recipe and created my “good conscience” waffles.

Good Conscience Waffles


They were so good. I put some Almond butter and Maple Syrup on mine.

For Lunch I had some leftover chili inside an Acorn Squash that I cooked in the Microwave. and it was good. Dinner was a simple Chicken Fajita Salad.

Acorn Squash Chicken Fajitas

 The good stuff happened after dinner (doesn’t it always?!) Awhile ago I was offered a $25 Gift certificate to use over at Swanson Vitamins to review their products. I spent a good while shopping around and found that they have a lot of my typical “health food” staples at seriously LOW prices. Look at everything I got for just over $25…

Swanson vitamins

That is Coconut flour, Coconut oil, Coconut Shreds, Almond Flour, and Liquid Stevia. They had super quick shipping and are always offering specials. I will continue to shop here for my health food staple items for sure.

Back to the food…I was really wanting some dessert and had a few frozen bananas in the freezer. Enter Banana Soft Serve.

Banana Soft Serve

I just put 2 frozen bananas and a splash of almond milk in the food processor. I added a tablespoon of nutella, some cocao chips, a few drops of liquid stevia, and about a tablespoon of coconut shreds. It was delicious. You could also add protein powder for some extra nutritional punch. It really curbs my sweet tooth and my 2 year old looooves it.

What are some of your favorite meals lately? How do you make your guilt meals into good conscience meals?

Thankful Thoughts

7. I’m thankful for my Keurig.


9 thoughts on “WIAW: “Good Conscience” Waffles”

  1. That’s too funny…. I just made waffles this morning with the exact same recipe except I didn’t have whole wheat flour….AND I didn’t think of using coconut oil, but I do have it. It must be waffle season! Lol!


  2. We make a very similar banana soft serve, I love it! I’m hoping it will be the only “ice cream” my daughter knows for a long time. 🙂 Your waffles look fantastic, too!


  3. A. Those waffles look amazing – totally making them for the kids
    B. Are they Paleo?
    C. That’s crazy that you got all that for $25, I’m sure that would have been close to atleast $50 here!


  4. Omg, I love banana soft serve. I’m excited that I just unpacked my food processor out of all the boxes since moving in. I will probably need to add this recipe to my list. As it feels like a bad treat, but it’s oh so good!


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