Faster vs Stronger

Going into a new exercise program can be intimidating. Going into CrossFit was no difference. I was terrified that I couldn’t keep up, that I would finish last… or not finish at all. When you first walk in to CrossFit O’Fallon you see this big pull up rig, wall ball targets and boxes everywhere. I knew it wasn’t going to be like another gym.

At first the 35lb bar was heavy, the pull ups were terrifying (even with the bands) and every work out seemed to push me to my limits. I was typically the last one to finish the 400m warm up run, and one of the last to finish the WOD. As time went on something changed. I got more confident. I lost weight. I got stronger. I kept pushing and eventually moved my way up to the middle of the pack. Even more time passed and I inched my way up to the front of the pack… and it felt good.

Now, I have reached the hump. I can perform decently with moderate weight, but I have been pushing myself to get stronger. The lesson I learned today is a hard one…. I finished next to last, but I used heavier weight than I normally would have. I wanted to push myself, and I did. I know I will be stronger for it. Being competitive and a slight perfectionist I want the best of both worlds. On this journey (because that is what it is) sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice speed to gain strength

I am determined to be the best version of me I can be. I want to be a better athlete. I want to RX the WODs. I want to be fit. I may not always be the first to finish, but I will always give my best. And today I did that.

The WOD was:

5 hang squat cleans
20 Wall Balls
4 hang squat cleans
20 Wall Balls
3 hang squat cleans
20 Wall Balls
2 hang squat cleans
20 Wall Balls
1 hang squat clean
20 Wall Balls

Now, normally on workouts I have been doing 65-75 for Power/Hang cleans. I ended the strength set at 85lbs so I decided to just stick with that weight. RX weight for women on most WODs including Cleans is 95lbs. My end of year goal is to be able to RX a WOD with 95lbs. I knew that 85 would push me, but with low reps I didn’t realize how much. The first set of 5 I had 3 failed attempts at my last few reps. The wall balls in between didn’t help. But I kept going. I want to be strong. I want to be fit. I eventually got into a groove and finished the WOD in 9:26… Nothing to be ashamed of, because I worked hard for it. And I’m stronger for it.

All that to say this… Don’t be afraid to push yourself. Do more than you think you can, because YOU CAN. Go longer than you think you can, because YOU CAN. And for anyone who ever told me I can’t, Thank you. Because just when I start to believe you, my desire to prove you wrong takes over.

Maya Angelou Quote

So, today feel inspired. I believe in you. Push yourself a little harder. You may not always be faster, but you can be stronger than you were yesterday. If I can do it, you can too. I’m not an elite athlete. I’m not a personal trainer or dietician. I am simply a girl on a journey to find myself and my fitness.

Sweat to Street

On this journey I have learned that I can feel just as beautiful in my fit gear (Strong is Beautiful Top – SheRocksFitnessNJ//Marika Fitness Capris) as I do all dolled up (Tunic – Hazel and Olive//Leggings – Old Navy//Cardigan – Target)

What are some lessons you’ve learned on your journey?

Thankful Thoughts

6. I’m thankful for God’s blessing in all areas of my life!





9 thoughts on “Faster vs Stronger”

  1. You’re amazing!!! I don’t know how you do it, but thank you!!! The way you inspire me everyday!!! Keep working hard and being fantastic! Xo <3spa


  2. Awesome job on seeing the improvement. Crossfit gyms are some of the most intimidating places I’ve ever seen. I would imagine getting over that hump feels pretty good. And I LOVE that Maya Angelou quote. I am absolutely motivated by people thinking I can’t do something and trying to prove them wrong. Love it!


  3. I definitely needed to hear some encouraging words today. Thank you. I can’t wait to be able to move up with my weight and not use the beginner bar.


  4. Way to go! You look amamzing in both outfits! I’m finally starting to look in the mirror and see progress and learning to like that I see. I still can’t look in the mirror while working out but I’ll get there!


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