Hitting Goals & Weekly Workout Recap

Good Morning!! How are y’all doing this Monday morning? It is pretty gloomy here in the STL… and I have a horrible case of the sniffles that won’t go away… but that just means more hot coffee and tea!! I swear I drink twice as many cups of coffee/tea when it is rainy out.

Before I get into my weekly workout recap, can we talk about CrossFit for a minute? Of course we can… I’m the one writing this! HA. Anyways… One of the many things I absolutely love about CrossFit is the ability to easily see/track your progress. It isn’t just a number on the scale… or even a pant size. It is being able to hit box jumps,  or being able to go from barely lifting the bar to doing a 95lb Clean & Jerk. Today was another one of those victory moments. I’ve been kinda terrified of Handstands forever. I wasn’t confident in my ability to hold myself up. Well… Today I did!

CrossFit Handstand Push-Up

I was so excited!! Now I get to start working on doing actual Handstand Push Ups. *gulp*

Ok – on to the weekly workouts. I’m linking up with a bunch of awesome friends for this week’s workout recap: Meghan, Kat and Genna


This weeks workouts rocked. I have felt strong all week. Starting on Thursday – November 1st – I made one of my goals to do the #plankaday and I have been sticking with it!

plankaday challenge

I am feeling it in my core for sure!

As far as the WODs – I felt strong in most of them! I was able to do Toes2Bar (or attempt them) instead of having to scale to leg lifts AND I did a full WOD that included BOX JUMPS! I’m knocking these fears/weaknesses out of the water!! I actually got in 2 runs this week also, YES!

 and see that picture in the middle of the collage? Those workout capris are from Marika. I bought them from Zulily and holy cow, I LOVE THEM. They have ruffles on them. Ever since finding these I have been finding more Marika gear (the long tights seen in the handstand pic and a sports bra from TJ Maxx and a set of plain capris from Sam’s Club) and totally digging it. They did not pay me to say this, I really do just love it all!! I’m also rocking my WODLove Love to Lift Tee in that pic above, I won that one and totally love it.

Alright, let’s hear from you…

How were your workouts this week? Have you conquered any fears/weaknesses lately?

Thankful Thoughts

4. Thankful for cough drops and hot tea *sniffle*
5. Thankful for socks and hoodies


10 thoughts on “Hitting Goals & Weekly Workout Recap”

  1. Look at you SUPER WOMAN! Thanks for linking up! I am definitely jealous – I tried to have hubs help me do a handstand and about freaked, so that’s a goal of mine!


  2. Isn’t it an awesome feeling once you can do a handstand against the wall?? I’m not much further than that; just able to hold for like a minute, max.. but I love it!! Congrats!!


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