WIAW: October Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Happy Halloween! As fate would have it the Foodie Pen Pal reveal falls on Wednesday… which is my favorite link up day of the week: What I Ate Wednesday! This month is all about snacks and treats which works out great because my foodie pen pal, Audra, sent me a box full of snacks and treats!

The Lean Green Bean

Thanks so much to Lindsay and Jenn for hosting both of these link ups!

Can I first tell you how awesome Foodie Pen Pals is? You send a box to someone, and another person sends you a box. Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail? ESPECIALLY edible ones! I always enjoy putting something “local” in the box to represent where I’m from, especially if they have never been. This month I sent my box to Claire, who doesn’t have a blog. She said she enjoyed it though!

The box I received was very obviously from TEXAS! Have I told you how much I love Texas?! Well, I do. I will live there again some day.

Now onto the goodies!!

October Foodie Pen Pal

I ripped the box open to find a bag of blue corn tortilla chips – One of my favorite kinds! Along with that was a Black Bean and Corn Salsa. I mean, what else says Texas like Chips & Salsa? I had some of those today with my lunch. Yummers!

The two sauces looked so interesting, but I have yet to try them. Horrible I know. The only thing I think of is how those cute boutiques in Texas have pretzels you dip into the sauces to taste them. I need to find any actual meal to make with them.

I literally laughed out loud when I saw the Cholula. It reminds me of how STUFT Mama carries hers around in her purse with her. This is a smaller size so it may or may not end up in my purse, HA.

The winner for most interested part of the package toes to Mo’s Milk Bar with Hickory Smoked Bacon and Sea Salt. I was all like WHHHHAAAT?! Apparently it’s a pretty big deal. I tried it and honestly wasn’t sure if I would like it our not, but in small does it is actually pretty good. The salt and sweet strikes a good balance.

Finally, my favorite thing! Texas Turtle Coffee. I love flavored coffee. I love Texas. Turtles are ok too. I have been saving this for a special occasion… but I think that special occasion may just be tomorrow morning. Ha.

So far this was one of my favorite Foodie Pen Pals yet, Thanks Audra!!!

What is the most interesting/unique food you have tried?


20 thoughts on “WIAW: October Foodie Pen Pal Reveal”

  1. My kids would hard core wrestle you for the cholula. One of my sons literally had a bottle confiscated from his bag at TSA as he was trying to get it on the plane πŸ™‚


  2. Oh wow! You got a great one this time around!!! Something interesting I ate in FL was conch and a guava fruit. I liked them both but the guava definitely had a strong flavor and weird texture! Happy Halloween! Spa ❀


  3. You got a pretty good stash! I’ve never been one for hot sauce, but Stuft Mama’s pictures of her Cholula bottles get me every time πŸ™‚

    That Turtle Coffee sounds amazing! My grandma makes chocolate turtles for all of the major holidays and I can just imagine the taste. Yum.


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