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Six Flags St Louis – #KeysToSTL

We are still recapping this weekend, I told you it was a busy one!! After Friday nights STL Blogger Meet Up and the Zombie Survival Dash on Saturday Morning we changed clothes in the Tahoe. It was actually pretty roomy, we were able to easily change out of our running gear and get ready for a fun day at Six Flags St Louis. I was provided free entry as a part of the Chevy Keys to St Louis campaign, the same one that has let me drive their awesome Tahoe this week!

Chevy Keys to St Louis

Before heading to Six Flags we stopped for brunch at Denny’s. It has seriously been years since I’ve been to a Denny’s. I used to go all the time. That was the “go to” spot if you wanted to skip class in high school… it was also the late night weekend hangout. I can’t tell you how many orders of Buffalo Chicken strips I consumed during my high school years. This time I ordered the Ultimate Scramble Skillet. It was pretty good, but lacking on the advertised spinach. Why do people hate spinach? Popeye had it right… spinach is awesome! Anyway – after refueling we were ready to hit the park!

Six Flags St Louis

We rod the Ninja first. It would be an awesome ride if I wasn’t so darn short. My head kept bopping back and forth between the restraint and I kept getting my ears smashed. My tall dark and handsome husband had no issues with it though. After the Ninja, we went over to Gotham City. I love the Batman ride. It reminds me of Montu, the roller coaster back at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay… You know, my old stompin grounds, ha! I love that it lets your feet hang free! I, of course, had to have my picture taken with the bat suit. We also had to ride Superman’s Tower. I think that is my favorite ride. I love going up and just sitting there. The anticipation of not knowing when you are going to drop is the best! I love the falling feeling, which makes me think I will enjoy skydiving someday.

This weekend was the last weekend of Fright Fest, where they have everything all spooked out. There were creepy spiders, graveyards, and zombies everywhere. Talk about a zombie filled day!

Six Flags Fright Fest

We got a drink and a churro and kept exploring the rides. Another favorite of mine: Scooby Doo!! Who doesn’t love Scooby? I like that it is an interactive game with the laser guns, even if I lose to the hubs every.single.time. We got to ride American Thunder. Wooden roller coasters are really hit and miss for me. I like them if they have a smooth ride, the clunkity clunk ones make me nauseous.
St Louis Six Flags

After walking around the whole park we decided to indulge in the Funnel Cake Sundae. It was gloriously delicious. We rode the train around the park, then started to realize the lines were getting pretty outrageous so we headed out. As we were leaving the Tahoe showed the low fuel alert. As much as we drove it all week, I was surprised we didn’t have to put gas in it sooner! I loved that it gave you the option to list the closest gas stations! We saw a beautiful St Louis sunset on the drive home. We had to pick up Little Dreamer from Grandma’s house and she was just as tired as we were! We stopped by Stefanina’s (one of my St Louis Favorites!) and here is how she spent her time there:

Baby sleeping during meal

Last night they came and took away my Tahoe. Sad day… I wanted to keep it forever! I’m so thankful to have been a part of Chevy’s Keys to STL campaign, I hope you enjoyed all my St Louis posts throughout the week! Thanks again to Chevy for the opportunity!

What is your favorite thing about your city?


13 thoughts on “Six Flags St Louis – #KeysToSTL”

  1. We wanted to hit Fright Fest this year, but had just TOO many other things going on! Darn 🙂 Have you seen the Glo Race they are having this weekend? It looks pretty neat.


  2. I love the Six Flags Fright Fest in Jersey! I’m so glad you got to have so much fun. I loved reading about it! I’ve got too many things about Philly that I love, but I grew up in Allentown, PA and Dorney Park was the place to be. 😉


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