November Goals

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 How is it already November? Since it is the 1st it is time to check in on our progress and set new goals for the month.
Remember the October goals?

My main goal for this month was to just Be. – I think I did OK on this… not great, but ok. It is so hard sometimes!!

I also wanted to work on eating cleaner. – Another OK on this one… I probably had way too many treats and cheats. Oops.

Use the DSLR more – Did awesome on TAKING the pictures, but still haven’t uploaded them… oops.

Continue #operationpantsfit – The 14s are still a little snug and I’m still in the 191-192 range.

#operationpantsfit because belts aren't in style this season \ life + running \ lifeplusrunning.com

Run at least 2-3x a week in addition to the 4-5x a week I do CrossFit.- #FAIL I didn’t run much except for my Zombie (not exactly) 5k and my few attempts at CrossFit Endurance Intervals

My CrossFit goal for the month was Power Clean 95# – DONE. and I added a jerk in there for good measure

Now lets take a look at November goals:November Goals

My main goal for the month is to practice being thankful. I’ll include a list of things I’m thankful for at the end of my posts. I’ll have (at least) one a day.

I’m going to continue working on #operationpantsfit (which runs until Thanksgiving) and hopefully lose a few pounds on the way, but I don’t want to focus on the scale… that’s been messing with my mind lately. I feel “stuck” around 191-192, I get frustrated everytime I see those numbers staring back at me.

Food wise, I’m going to start trying to practice more Mindful Eating. I usually find myself snacking mindlessly or not focusing on my food when eating and ended up eating too much. I’m going to try to zone in and really learn the feelings of Hunger and Satisfaction.

My running goal is just simply to run. I need to keep building up my base. Especially since this just happened:

Registration for Go STL

Thanks Holly, Melanie, and Keyona. I’m blaming this all on you.

blogger peer pressure is the best kind, right?!

Speaking of blogger peer pressure… I’ve decided to join the #plankaday bandwagon. I need to work on core strength, and I really think it will help me with my push ups too. I did it this morning for 40 seconds. 40.5 to be exact. So I have room to improve. Like a LOT of room to improve.
My CrossFit goal is to Deadlift 200lbs. My previous PR was 155 before last week… then I did 185… and if I can do 185, SURELY I can get to 200 by the end of November… Right?
And finally… I want to finish The Happiness Project. You know, that book I started reading in September? ha.
I’m linking up my November Goals with Meghan over at Little Girl in The Big World‘s Go for The Goal Link up!


What are your November goals? Did you do well with your October goals?

Thankful Thoughts-

1. I’m thankful for a supportive husband.


37 thoughts on “November Goals”

  1. Great goals!! I also want to focus on bring thankful. I also would like to do some form of exercise daily and eat cleaner. You’ve inspired me. Kudos on your fitness journey & thank you for the inspiration.


  2. I actually just posted about my goals today too 🙂 ! Don’t let the scale get you down, you’re beautiful, the more your stress the more the weight will want to stay (that is, if you’re anything like me! i seem to freak out about my weight and gain five pounds. whomp)

    Can’t wait to read about how yours turn out!!


  3. Girl – 95 C&J is incredible!!! Love that you are celebrating your successes and not beating yourself up about goals you didn’t achieve. Clearly you are making progress and that is ultimately the point! I’m hoping to deadlift 185 next week – you inspire me! And my pushups have gotten WAY better since I devoted more time to planks each week. Happy November!


  4. You’ve got some GREAT goals here, girl!! I’m so impressed with all your amazing Crossfit posts. YOU ROCK 🙂

    Mindful eating is constantly something I struggle with. It takes a lot of effort to “live in the pause,” that focused and mindful moment. You’ve got this! ❤


    1. Thank you SO much! That means a lot to me. It has taken a lot of hard work to get there. One of the things I love about CrossFit is that even when the scale is a major let down I can still feel like beast with my lifting. Those NSVs mean a lot.


  5. Your goals for this month are so great!! You inspire me so much!! I love your whole journey and how hard you continuously work whil keeping what’s most important first! Spa ❤


  6. Thanks for linking up with us! How do you like CrossFit? It’s on my fitness to-do list! And I love your goal of “Just Be”. I think we could all use it:)


    1. Thanks for hosting! I looooooove Crossfit. It has totally changed my life! It’s a hard thing to just be – darn technology everywhere! But I’m still working on it!


    1. Thanks!! I’m convinced that anyone relatively new to crossfit/lifting can do more than they think they can… it’s all a mind game. You’ve been doing great! It took me forever to get up to 95!!


  7. You can TOTALLY do 200lbs!! Easy peasy. 😉 Okay, not for me, but you probably have a bit more strength than I do if you can already do 185!
    I need to finish that book, too.. I started oh, a year ago or so? Great info, love everything Gretchen has to say.. just never got around to finishing.. oops!


    1. I hope so!! I’m like 15lbs isn’t a big deal – right? ha. We’ll see. I did a WOD yesterday with 155lb Deadlifts and it was tough (one of those ladders 10, 9, 8..)


  8. You can DEFINITELY hit that 200# DL – focus on coming up FAST and really driving through your legs. Also, try practicing building up intensity before a big lift & keeping tight – these things were HUGE game changers for me, especially for DL. You will do awesome!


    1. GREAT tips. I find myself struggling with intensity on the heavier lifts so I will practice that with lighter loads. That is one of the ways I worked on my Clean and Jerk last month… practicing lower pulls and dropping under the bar before adding the weight.


  9. these are great goals! you are totally making SO much progress! i need to focus on being thankful this month as well… i am so guilty of spending my time stressing about the upcoming holidays that i forget what really matters!

    thanks for linking up with us… im sorry im SO late reading this! good luck 🙂


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