WIAW #14 – STL Edition

I’m so excited that it’s Wednesday! Tuesday’s are always pretty crazy for me because it is my deadline for school work for the week… and of course I procrastinate until just before the deadline. Oops. Anyway- I always look forward to Wednesday because the stress of meeting deadlines is lifted, if even just for a moment.

This week I am focusing on my #KeysToSTL so instead of sharing random meals and snacks with you I’m going to share some of my favorite places to eat in the STL area.

54th Street Bar & Grill – Wentzville

54th Street Bar & Grill

We have one of these about a mile from our house here in Wentzville. It is a casual dining experience, similar to an applebee’s. Their menu is quite extensive – They have burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Appetizers, Steaks, even a Mexican inspired portion of the menu. They are famous for their Gringo Dip. I swear they put something in it to make is so addicting! My go to meal there used to be the Buffalo Chicken Salad, until I realized the amount of sodium in it. It is still delicious though, lol. Now I try to use their online nutritional calculator to figure out what to order. I’m a huge fan of their grilled chicken sandwiches (or burgers) and sweet potato fries!

Stefanina’s Pizzeria – Wentzville

Stefanina's Wentzville

This is another local Wentzville favorite. They have a $20 special that gets you a large pizza, salad, and cheesy garlic bread. The pizza is fresh and delicious. We always go for the classic Pepperoni and Mozzarella, even though they are known for their Provel Cheese. This is great for taking out a small group of people on a budget. They have other locations throughout the STL area, so be sure to check them out!

Stefanina's Pepperoni Pizza

Little Hills Winery – St Charles

This is probably the most “nostalgic” restaurant  for me in the St Louis area, since it is the place we ate after we eloped. They have a charming outdoor area with fire pits. When you are sitting outside you are looking out onto Historical Main St in Saint Charles. That is probably my favorite area in St Louis. They have great wine (obviously) and good food. They used to have these cheese coins that were to die for, but they changed their menu and got rid of them… sad day. Their Pulled Pork Nachos are wonderful.

Quintessential Dining – St Charles

This is by far my favorite restaurant in the St Louis area. It is a very classy place. Their level of service is unmatched in my book. I would recommend going with friends and ordering The Feast. It seems pricey for an appetizer sampler but there is a huge amount of food and it is all good! Their Q-Dip is amazing and the Jalapeno & Cream Cheese Wontons are spectacular.

Last time I went I ordered the Cuban Sandwich and was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t more authentic pork (it was smoked pulled pork, instead of marinated roast pork). I wasn’t upset at all, but I didn’t eat much of it and the waiter noticed. I explained to him it wasn’t their fault, it just wasn’t what I was expecting (growing up with a Cuban grandpa and all). He brought over the manager and they ended up taking the sandwich off our bill and asking if I wanted anything else. I was blown away. I filled out a comment card because I was so impressed with the service and got a handwritten note in the mail the next week. It wasn’t a bad sandwich, just not what I was looking for. They went above and beyond in my book. Also- their desserts are delicious.

So those are my favorite places to eat in St Louis – All of which I’ve been to in the last month, ha!

What are some of your favorite places or meals to eat out in your area?


8 thoughts on “WIAW #14 – STL Edition”

  1. Hey! I found your blog through ” dont be a bloghole” Blog Hop! I love your blog and I am super excited to have found you since I live pretty close to the STL area as well.


  2. I love Stefanina’s, but I’m still a big, big fan of Imo’s. I love a lot of the restaurants along old Main Street in St. Charles. I used to spend a lot of time over there back when Stevie Ray’s was open, I had friend in a band. I think my favorite St. Louis eatery is Hodak’s, though. Best fried chicken in the nation!


  3. I have family who live near St. Louis, however I’ve never been to these places. I must visit this burger place though. It sounds delicious 🙂


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