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Chevy #KeysToSTL

Several months ago I was approached by the Chevy #KeystoSTL program through Alive Magazine inviting me to be a part of their campaign. Of course, I was stoked to be a part of it. I got to check out their booth out at the  Color Run this summer. I watched other STL influencers get their turn to drive a Chevy. Some got the Malibu, Some got the Volt… but deep down inside I kept hoping for my ultimate dream car… and all that hoping paid off! I was going to get a 2012 Chevy Tahoe for a week!! If I could do a backflip, I would have.

I don’t know what it is about the Tahoe that has always drawn me in… it was big and powerful, as well as functional. A thing of beauty! Yesterday they delivered the Tahoe to my house. I couldn’t even wait for them to knock on the door, I ran out to meet them!

Ah yes- that is a Shiny Beautiful 2012 Tahoe in MY driveway. I immediately started checking out all the features. My favorite so far? Heated AND Cooled seats! These are perfect for the cool early morning drive to CrossFit (heated) and the drive home after a good workout (cooled). It also has a heated steering wheel, that would be awesome throughout the winter.

We had to go out to lunch so we could take if for a test drive. We ended up at St Louis Bread Co, a classic St Louis Staple (all you out of towners might know it as Panera Bread)

Another feature of the Tahoe that I’m loving is the Rear Vision Camera System! Backing out of the parking spot at Bread Co was a breeze with the camera.

We ended up taking it out for another spin to the bank and to grab Dinner from Sombreros – apparently it is supposed to be legit TexMex. I thought it was ok, but nothing like what you get in Texas. God Bless Texas.

This morning I was excited to drive the Tahoe to CrossFit, even if it was 4:40 am… I love the automatic lights (mine are manual) and the heated seat was comfy on the drive there. I also rocked out to the Coffee House station on XM radio. I really do love having that option of XM Radio. Commercial Free music rocks!

This morning at CrossFit our strength session was Clean & Jerk. Remember my October Goals? One of them was to Power Clean 95# – I’m excited to say not only did I Clean 95lbs…. but I jerked it also! PR BABY! Obviously it was because I drove there in the Tahoe… and because I was dressed like a highlighter in my WODink Shirt and Zensah Sleeves.

I’m excited to try out some more new places around STL and visit some of my favorite places again this week while driving the Chevy Tahoe. I’ve also added a St Louis link to my sidebar so you can see all the places/things there are to see and do here in the STL.

Any places you think I should visit in the STL area? What is your dream Car?






28 thoughts on “Chevy #KeysToSTL”

  1. I loved working with Chevy Fit 4 Life here in Tampa! I drove their Malibu and the Buick Verona 🙂 My dream car is a Bently GT Continental {le sigh}


  2. Wow I love winning cool things, but this is definitely like larger than life. Living in a big city, I sometimes miss having my car so I can just hop on the highway and get to my destination quicker. Congrats also on your new PR- I can tell you’re stoked from your picture! Keep it up!


  3. First of all…LOVE the outfit! So bright and happy! And that is awesome about getting to drive around the Tahoe. Sounds like there are lots of fancy buttons and stuff. We are getting ready to look for a new car and I’m hoping to get something that backup camera. I can’t back up a car to save my life! LOL!


    1. Thanks! I joked that today was national dress like a highlighter day, LOL. There are tons of fancy things in it. I am not good at backing up either- so I love the camera!


  4. Congrats on your PR! I have to say you inspire me to push myself, many times I find myself staying where it is easy.
    As for the vehicle, I just got a Buick Enclave & I LOVE IT. Has all the crazy over the top features (except the heated steering wheel). Love the back up camera. Very necessary in a bigger vehicle in my opinion. Have to say LOVING the cooled & heated seats too! I use the sunroof with the beautiful weather now & today I discovered that with an APP I downloaded, I can start my car or stop it remotely from my Iphone! Way cool! Literally can cool my car before I get to it (or heat it). Technology is so crazy! Also if I lock my keys in, I can unlock it remotely as well. So many great things, but mostly I enjoy having a vehicle that runs and doesn’t leave me stranded.


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