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Altar’d State: Fashion Focused, Cause Motivated.

Alternate Title for this Post: Shut Up the Fat Girl.

Some people are born with this innate ability to appear stylish all the time. I am NOT one of those people. I have struggled with fashion as long as I can remember. Looking back at my old pictures is painful. Fashion doesn’t seem to come naturally for me, and struggling with obesity doesn’t help at all. I distinctly remember going shopping with my grandma for a dress to wear to my great grandpa’s wedding. I think i was 12? We went all over the place but just couldn’t find anything that fit or that we could agree on. We ended up at KMart in the “Big” kids section. I remember buying this horrid blue and white flowered dress in a Girl’s size 16. It wasn’t flattering, pretty or fashionable at all. I think she might have even gotten me some “support” pantyhose and beige ballet flats. It was a site. I’m glad to report that I don’t have any pictures (though I’m sure my mom does in her big box of embarrassment family picturess).

Every since that moment I can remember desperately wanting to have a makeover moment. You know, Oprah style. Hair, clothes, accessories…. with Oprah announcing in her excited voice “INTRODUCING THE NEEEEEEWWW COOOOOOOOOOOOURTNEY!” as I walk out to my family in tears telling me how beautiful I looked. I started a lot of “help me” letters to Oprah back in the day!

I’ve come a LONG way in terms of style. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and come to terms with the shape of my body. I have learned some things that work for me, and things that certainly don’t. Finding my style has been an ongoing process. When I was at a local outdoor shopping center I saw a sign for a new store called Altar’d State that was opening. Of course I had to look it up online. When I saw their website I knew it was something I would love.

As I continued reading I realized that this wasn’t just a normal store. They are all about being fashion focused, it is obvious when you see their clothing… but it is more than that. What stuck out to me about Altar’d State was that they are also motivated to give back. Their website says it perfectly:

When I found out yesterday they had just recently opened their Lake St Louis Location I thought it would be the perfect excuse to take the Chevy Tahoe out for spin!

Altar'd State Lake St Louis

The vibe of the store was so relaxing and inviting. It was beautifully set up and their displays were so beautiful.  There was a whole section of the store dedicated to their “give back brands” that included fashionABLE and Toms. I love that the fashionABLE scarves had handwritten notes from the women that made them. I will definitely be getting one of these next time I go back! Also – did you see those colors of purses? Style overload- Love them!

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

And hello- Did you see that Francine Rivers book? If you haven’t read it you should. There were AWESOME Christian books by every display!

I grabbed a few pieces and headed back to the dressing room. It was so comfy! They had little signs where the associates wrote our name outside our dressing room. There was a sitting area outside the dressing rooms, and even a book for prayer requests. Loved it. As I walked into the fitting room that 12 year old with the ugly blue and white flowered dress tried to tell me nothing would fit or look good. I told her to shut up.

Altar'd State Lace Back Tee

Altar’d State Lace Back Tee

Loved this look. I’m all about comfy, and this was comfy. Plus it had lace!

Altar'd State

Owl Tee and Tulle Me Away Dress

I loooooved that dress. It was a teensy bit tighter than I’d like, but can you imagine it with some boots and a stellar jacket?! Next weight loss goal reward? Yes, please!

While I couldn’t decide on any of these pieces, I think I will be back for the lace back tee. I didn’t go home empty handed though, check out my new friend:

Natural Life Owl Mug from Altar'd State

I thought this was perfect because not only was it adorable, but it had the message “Love the Moment” which lines up perfectly with my october goal of Just Be.

2012 Chevy Tahoe

When it was time to leave I just used the remote start on the Tahoe to have it ready to go when we got there.
Also- have I mentioned how much I love the Reverse Cam? I really do love it!

So- If you are in the Lake St Louis area, be sure to check out the Altar’d State Store at The Meadows, or check them out online at

Has your fashion sense evolved? What is your favorite place to shop? Do you like “give back” brands?

disclaimer: i was not paid for this post – all thoughts and opinions are my own.


13 thoughts on “Altar’d State: Fashion Focused, Cause Motivated.”

  1. that store looks sooo cute! my mom has reverse cam on her car too but it pops up on her rearview mirror I think its so distracting when you are trying to look into it.. but it does beep when you get close to something. i definitely like your way better!


  2. OMG! This store looks like it was made for me!! I loved the owl tee, and I could totally see you in that dress with boots and a jacket. And I’m so glad you told that 12 year old to shut up. You know what? I found this works for myself–try talking gently to that 12 year old. She was just a hurting soul back then. You know? I have seriously done this and it has brought tears to my eyes.


  3. Oh wow this place looks so cute and how cool is it?! I love giving back brands. I actually need to make a point to shop at them more often. My mom always shops at those kinds of places and her habits have rubbed off on me. Cute post, I’m liking what you are doing with photos lately!


    1. I love that the FashionABLE scarves all have handwritten notes from the women who made them. It makes it so much more “real” than just buying something good to make yourself feel better about buying something.

      Ant thanks – I’ve been trying to step it up on the visual aspect of the blog. PicMonkey is my friend!


  4. I love your coffee cup!! And the message in your VLOG about living in the moment is a great one. I like the idea of working on being more in the moment and celebrating your goals as you reach them, without letting that next goal take the all the glory. You have accomplished so much and are such an inspiration, just know that!!


    1. Thank you SO much Linz, that means a lot to me! It is a struggle every day to remember to enjoy the now rather than looking for the next. It gets even harder when the kiddos come… always anxious for the next milestone while missing the right now. But we are all works in progress aren’t we?


  5. Love this store as well, went in for the first time 2 weeks ago and have taken my friend and also been back 2 other times. People are great, style is up what I love and prices are super! Love a good company with values like this!!


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