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Random! (Clutter, Zensah, and Disc Golf)

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Howdy Partners! Man, this week has been tough for me. Coming back from a week long business trip, starting another term of school, not feeling 100%… It all adds up pretty quick. Sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed. Normal weeks I go on a 2 mile run with the kiddo after my early CrossFit workouts, but this week that only happened once. I just needed to take some time to regroup I guess. One of my main issues is I feel like my house is cluttered. I rarely have time to clean like I wish I could. I took care of some of the clutter by taking some of Little Dreamer’s clothes to the Once Upon a Child and packing up the rest to send to Florida for my nieces. But I need more practical steps! So tell me, How do you deal with Clutter?

I feel like having a cluttered house gives me a cluttered mind. Then I start to to get flustered and it is a big snowball from there. I feel bad because when I get to that state my patience is short with a very zealous 2 year old. Then I feel guilty. And thanks to my expensive psychology classes I trace this all back to clutter.

Moving on…

So I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Zappos (Thanks to the gift certificates I got for meeting my secondary goal in the 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge!) AND I got asked to be a Zappos VIP Member, YES! Anyway – I finally got a pair of Zensah Compression Sleeves. I have a pair of compression socks, but wanted the versatility of  the sleeve. I wore them to CrossFit this morning (We were doing Jump Rope stuff. Which Kills my calves). I have a huge calves – like 17″ and I got the L/XL and didn’t feel like they were too tight, but had enough support. I am lovin them! and who can’t love some neon?!

(the horribly dirty knees and legs are a result of burpees. yuck)

And as if this isn’t the most random post ever… I’m gonna take it to a whole new level of random… check out what my next door neighbor put up in their back yard (this is taken from my back door/porch area)

See over to left? That is a disc golf goal. There is another one on the side of their house. I can’t decide if it is hilariously awesome or absurd.

What’s your vote? Awesome or absurd?


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