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Random! (Clutter, Zensah, and Disc Golf)

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Howdy Partners! Man, this week has been tough for me. Coming back from a week long business trip, starting another term of school, not feeling 100%… It all adds up pretty quick. Sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed. Normal weeks I go on a 2 mile run with the kiddo after my early CrossFit workouts, but this week that only happened once. I just needed to take some time to regroup I guess. One of my main issues is I feel like my house is cluttered. I rarely have time to clean like I wish I could. I took care of some of the clutter by taking some of Little Dreamer’s clothes to the Once Upon a Child and packing up the rest to send to Florida for my nieces. But I need more practical steps! So tell me, How do you deal with Clutter?

I feel like having a cluttered house gives me a cluttered mind. Then I start to to get flustered and it is a big snowball from there. I feel bad because when I get to that state my patience is short with a very zealous 2 year old. Then I feel guilty. And thanks to my expensive psychology classes I trace this all back to clutter.

Moving on…

So I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Zappos (Thanks to the gift certificates I got for meeting my secondary goal in the 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge!) AND I got asked to be a Zappos VIP Member, YES! Anyway – I finally got a pair of Zensah Compression Sleeves. I have a pair of compression socks, but wanted the versatility of  the sleeve. I wore them to CrossFit this morning (We were doing Jump Rope stuff. Which Kills my calves). I have a huge calves – like 17″ and I got the L/XL and didn’t feel like they were too tight, but had enough support. I am lovin them! and who can’t love some neon?!

(the horribly dirty knees and legs are a result of burpees. yuck)

And as if this isn’t the most random post ever… I’m gonna take it to a whole new level of random… check out what my next door neighbor put up in their back yard (this is taken from my back door/porch area)

See over to left? That is a disc golf goal. There is another one on the side of their house. I can’t decide if it is hilariously awesome or absurd.

What’s your vote? Awesome or absurd?


Whirlwind of a Week! {InstaFriday #5}

So this week was quite a whirlwind… and to be honest it doesn’t look like I took many pictures with my phone… We spent Sunday traveling and in the er… the rest of the week I feel like I’ve just been running non-stop. It always feels that way when I get thrown into the work week coming back from a trip with no “day off” to recover. I probably should have just taken Monday off, but oh well… It’s Friday, Friday (cue the annoying Rebecca Black song…) I’m looking forward to reclaiming my house and hopefully parts of my sanity this weekend. I’m linking up over at Life Rearranged.

life rearranged

Since last my last InstaFriday post was on my birthday I didn’t want to leave this out… Chris’ Grandma, Mom and Little Payt all helped make me this awesome cake. I had a Texas themed birthday party! It was stellar! I even got a Blue Bonnet Pitcher and Glass set to have a piece of Texas here at home. Love!

We spet most of the day Saturday before we left Texas just hanging around Chris’ grandparents place. It was beautiful outside and Payton found the perfect spot to lounge.

We tried out this place in Granbury, TX called Monte’s Breakfast Burritos… Chris and Payton had their burritos and they were awesome, but I had to get me some REAL Huevos Rancheros! MMMMMM! We wanted to go Sunday before we left, but they were closed… Sad Day.

The car ride home… We were PACKED tight in the Scion. The only place for Delilah was at Payton’s feet. She burrowed in her little hole for most of the trip.

Payton has become quite the diva. She loves picking out new colors of nail polish and wants me to paint her nails all the time. She asked if she could paint my nails… I told her maybe when she is 5. ha.

How most of my Tuesday night was spent… with these books. Why do I procrastinate on my homework? Less than 2 years left… I gotta keep reminding myself of that.

Being home means I have my gym back, YAY! I’ve started the New Rules of Lifting Stage 1 this week, and boy oh boy have I felt it. I am really proud to say I even got brave enough to use the Squat Rack at the gym. I’ll write up a whole post on this eventually…

Why is it that I seem to drink TONS more water out of this cup? I left it here while we were in Texas and I know for certain I didn’t drink enough water. Weird how that is. Maybe its the magical green straw…

I got a new skirt, I love this pattern! Thanks Gap Outlet.

aaaaannnnnd I cut my hair off this week. I always go in stages… Growing it out or cutting it off… I wasn’t excited about the haircut the first day, but its growing on me (HAHA, pun totally intended). It is a lot less maintenance, plus it forces me to actually do something with it since I can’t just put it in a ponytail.

What was the highlight of your week? I’d love to hear from you!!

ps- want a bonus laugh? Watch this…

Life Lessons


There are so many random thoughts buzzing around in my head. I’ve been quite introspective lately. I love writing because it gives me a way to try to articulate the mess of thoughts, and to be honest, my thoughts usually make more sense to me after I write them down. Sometimes when I just sit and try to think and sort through my thoughts they just sound like noise. I crave those days when I used to just go sit at a coffee shop, listen to music and write about what is really on my heart. In those moments, when i am able to disconnect from the mundane everyday for just a few moments the cluster of activity in my brain isn’t just noise… It becomes a beautiful melody. I am working on making those occurrences more frequent. Along with that comes some new dreams and ideas for the future. When I take the time to dream it makes me so excited about life. It also helps show me what I am passionate about, which helps me decide what I need to make a priority in my life and what I can cut out. I’m still working on that one.

I’m working on making life happen for me instead of letting life happen to me. It’s been a whole new season of life since I started working basically full time from home a few months ago. There is a new normal and I don’t know that I’ve actually become accustomed to it yet. I figure just when I do something will change. It’s just been another crazy adventure here in norman-land. I have several other updates to share but I’m going to leave you with random iPhone pictures instead (mostly of Payton because shes too cute to keep to myself) … Ciao!