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GEARing Up for 2013 – My Favorite Apparel

What’s up lovelies? It is the first Monday of 2013! Wooo! Exciting things happening around here. We picked a winner for the Sweaty Bands Giveaway, congrats Melissa! and I saw that over the weekend Fashletics saw my story about Why I CrossFit and featured me as their Fashlete of the Month for January. Head over and check it out and make sure to leave some comment love. I am SO humbled to be among other great athletes that have been chosen for this honor.

I’ve still got SO much great stuff to share with you to get you excited to crush your goals this year. Today I am going to be talking about one of my favorite things… workout apparel!

First up: Lunatik Athletiks. 

I love this company. They make fitness gear fun! Check out their line of running skirts and compression socks. They come in super fun prints and designs.

I recently took my pair of Rockin Dot Compression Socks out on a 5 mile run and loved them! They are fun and functional. They are great for CrossFit too. rockin-dots

I also love my RUN BABY RUN skirt. It’s been cold so I’ve been wearing it under my compression tights.


(please ignore the giant Mickey and Minnie on the floor. that is normal around here)

I also love my Old Navy Active Compression Jacket. Old Navy has some super cute and affordable activewear. And right now it’s all on sale for 40% off!!


My favorite bottoms are my Marika Fitness tights seen in this epic handstand pic. I also have a pair of their capris… they have ruffles. What else do you need?

CrossFit Handstand Push-Up

I really love knee socks. They are fun. and functional! In CrossFit I wear them when doing lifts from the ground and box jumps. I have been in love with The Sox Box since I first found out about them. They make some awesome CrossFit Knee Socks! My favorite are the Beauty and Beast ones.


and guess what? One of you will win a pair!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are some of your fitgear must haves?

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GEARing Up for 2013 – Sweaty Bands

Seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how much… but I’m going to have to try. I have a love affair with accessories of all kinds. Jewelry, purses, shoes, headbands… They are so versatile and fun. You can spice up any outfit by just changing out the accessories. What is better than that? How about an accessory that is also actually useful? Best thing ever.

I had been seeing these headbands around for awhile and was jealous of them. When I saw that Big River Running carried SweatyBands I knew I had to try one. Honestly, I was kind of skeptical. I had tried all the drug store brand “no slip” and “active” headbands but they always ended up on the back of my head by the end of the workout. I’ve got through my fair share of hairstyles, but have come to terms with the fact that medium-short hair looks best on me (plus- that is what the husband likes… so that’s what he gets! lol) When I cut my hair short headbands stopped being a fashion accessory and started being a necessity. I don’t get how people can workout with their hair going all over the place. It makes me angry when I get hair and sweat all up in my face.

The SweatyBands headband I bought that day is still my absolute favorite – I literally wear it almost every time I work out. You may have seen it a few times…


It is neon pink, which matches about 80% of my workout gear. haha. I love that it stays put during my workouts, even during burpees… my favorite…. haha. Actually I haven’t been minding them lately. Mostly because they seem to always be paired with thrusters, and given the choice between burpees and thrusters I think I’d choose burpees. Who am I?! Anyway- back to the headbands…. They are lined with a velvet material that helps it stay put even when you are sweaty and all over the place. And they are dang cute. They come in different widths from thin, like my green sparkle band


to wide bands like i’m wearing below, and mid sized bands like little dreamer is wearing


Not only are the great for working out, but they are so cute I like to wear them even on girls days out!


Now you want some of your own don’t you?

Click on the banner below to get some, and save 5% with the code!


I also have a set to giveaway to one lucky winner, and guess what? It includes my favorite Neon Pink Sweatyband! It also has an adorable blue and green chevron one. Seriously, how cute are these?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is your favorite workout accessory? Tell me which SweatyBand you love and have to have!

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Random! (Clutter, Zensah, and Disc Golf)

Voting is still open for the Promax DOer contest. Please take a quick second and vote for me HERE. Read Why this means so much to me and remember you can vote once per day per IP address until 9/21

Howdy Partners! Man, this week has been tough for me. Coming back from a week long business trip, starting another term of school, not feeling 100%… It all adds up pretty quick. Sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed. Normal weeks I go on a 2 mile run with the kiddo after my early CrossFit workouts, but this week that only happened once. I just needed to take some time to regroup I guess. One of my main issues is I feel like my house is cluttered. I rarely have time to clean like I wish I could. I took care of some of the clutter by taking some of Little Dreamer’s clothes to the Once Upon a Child and packing up the rest to send to Florida for my nieces. But I need more practical steps! So tell me, How do you deal with Clutter?

I feel like having a cluttered house gives me a cluttered mind. Then I start to to get flustered and it is a big snowball from there. I feel bad because when I get to that state my patience is short with a very zealous 2 year old. Then I feel guilty. And thanks to my expensive psychology classes I trace this all back to clutter.

Moving on…

So I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Zappos (Thanks to the gift certificates I got for meeting my secondary goal in the 60 Day Fat Loss Challenge!) AND I got asked to be a Zappos VIP Member, YES! Anyway – I finally got a pair of Zensah Compression Sleeves. I have a pair of compression socks, but wanted the versatility of  the sleeve. I wore them to CrossFit this morning (We were doing Jump Rope stuff. Which Kills my calves). I have a huge calves – like 17″ and I got the L/XL and didn’t feel like they were too tight, but had enough support. I am lovin them! and who can’t love some neon?!

(the horribly dirty knees and legs are a result of burpees. yuck)

And as if this isn’t the most random post ever… I’m gonna take it to a whole new level of random… check out what my next door neighbor put up in their back yard (this is taken from my back door/porch area)

See over to left? That is a disc golf goal. There is another one on the side of their house. I can’t decide if it is hilariously awesome or absurd.

What’s your vote? Awesome or absurd?


Headbands of Hope

Hey guys! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a pretty good weekend over here… it included much needed rain, a little CrossFit workout named FRAN (if you don’t know, Fran is one of the most notorious CrossFit workouts. It’s killer. 21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull ups), 2 seasons of The Colony on Netflix and a 2.3 mile run on Sunday.

Today I have something special to share with you. I starting noticing some other bloggers talking about Headbands of Hope and I was intrigued. After looking into it I knew I had to share it too. Headbands of Hope is a handmade business that sells Headbands (obviously).

It was started by Jessica Ekstrom after a summer of interning with the Make a Wish Foundation (Check out this blog post she wrote about one of her experiences, so moving). She knew she wanted to do something to help fight childhood cancer. For every headband that is sold by headbands of Hope she donates $1 to the St Baldricks Foundation AND a headband is given to a girl who is fighting Cancer.

I ordered my Headband of Hope and was so excited when I got it. 

It came with information about the St Baldricks Foundation, which was great because I got to learn more about what I was helping to support.

I ordered the Go Glitter band in White. It is soft and stretchy and holds my hair back even during a sweaty workout!

The only thing I wish I would have thought of was that I have Red highlights and when I sweat they kinda turned the headband pink in some spots… oops! It’s ok, I love pink too 😉

Check them out at and order a headband!
Follow them on twitter @headbandsofhope

Disclaimer- I purchased the headband with my own money and was touched by the story so I wanted to share it. I wasn’t compensated in any way for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.