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Weekend Recap & Food Prep

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Hey Friends! This weekend was great! We got home late Friday night (after 30 minutes circling the airport in a holding pattern because of weather – talk about motion sick!) I was exhausted from the week and ended up falling asleep pretty early (before 10?)

I was up early on Saturday because I was super excited to get back to CrossFit! A week away is long time for me!

I thought they were supposed to do this Hero WOD on Monday, but I guess there were so many people there they didn’t have enough Barbells so they did something else. That means on I got to do the Hero WOD Holleyman.

Yea- it was 30 rounds. Holy wall ball shots. I used a 10lb ball for those and modified the handstand push ups to knees on box. They were still tough! I used 65# for my power clean, and looking back I should have done more weight. It took me 27:30 to finish this one! Talk about welcome back, lol!

After showering and getting dressed I took Payton over to the Farmer’s Market. I was looking for eggs and some good deals on fruits/veggies for the juicer. I ended up finding “Grandma’s Nuts” as well. HAHA. That lady was amusing for sure.

Since we were in the neighborhood we walked over to the Nike Outlet Store. They were having 40% their clearance. I ended up getting 3 tshirts for around $5 each, a tank for $4 and compression shorts for $15! I also got Payton the cutest pair of Nike Shoes for $15!! She said “Are those wittle wunning shoes for me, mom?!” Ah- I die! Too cute.

After dropping off our Farmers Market (and Nike Store) finds we headed out to Sam’s Club for our monthly stock up trip. How do ya’ll do your shopping? I’ve found that by buying all our meat for the month in one run we save a ton of money and time. We bought a Food Saver to help with this process. We buy 3 big packages of chicken breast, a big package of ground beef, a big package of ground turkey, and usually a few steaks or roasts and that lasts us through the month. I plan meals by the week and usually have everything on hand for that except for some random staples and fresh stuff that gets used up within a week or two. I also don’t spend forever staring into my pantry wondering what to make for dinner. After buying everything, I spend an afternoon trimming and using the Food Saver to freeze the chicken into meal portions. I also separate the ground beef and steak into smaller portions as well. I did this Sunday after church.

I realized after putting away all the food I bought that my “canned food” shelf (the top one) is now being over taken by fresh fruit/veggies! Clean Eating FTW!

Saturday we had some friends over for dinner and a fire with smores. It was so cute watching Payton trying to figure it all out. She was a fan of the sticky madness for sure. I also busted out the Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Coffee for the Keurig! It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall!

It was so good to spend some quality time with Payton, especially after being gone all week. I know she has fun at Grandma’s house, but I missed her! She is growing up way too fast.

(after riding for like 5 minutes she exclaimed “My Butt Hurts!” and wanted to walk. Hilarious!)


How do you plan meals/shopping trips? What did you do this weekend?



3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap & Food Prep”

  1. I’m a bad planner 😦 I should do what you do but I lack the time to get organized to start the process. I think this is one of those things that requires me to MAKE time!


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