Wanna get #PrettyMuddy with Me?

So, here is what the weekend looks like around here:

Uhm, I thought I moved out of Florida?

We have had like no rain at all this summer so I’ll take it. Our yard is in desperate need of it. All this rain makes me nostalgic. When I was 17 a young kid we used to play in the rain all the time. Splash through the puddles and mud. Bring out pool toys to float down the street. Such is life when you live in Florida.

While going out and playing in the mud is considered weird as a “normal” twenty something on most days, I finally have an excuse to do just that.

 I am SO looking forward to the Pretty Muddy Mud Run in Chicago on September 15! It is a legit reason to get a group of girls together and run through the mud! SCORE!

It’s Official! I’m registered!

I’ve always wanted to do a mud run, but to be honest some of them seemed so intimidating! I mean running a 5k is all fine and dandy, but adding “obstacles” scared me! CrossFit has helped me feel stronger for sure, but I am still in love with the idea behind the Pretty Muddy Race series. A ton of ladies running a 5k, going through mud, and obstacles that are meant to be fun not scary!

Check out the Pretty Muddy Facebook for pictures of the obstacles… One is an inflatable slide! It reminds me of the ones that come off of airplanes for emergency exits and I have always wanted to try that, now I get the chance!

And here is the even better news… You can join me too! The Chicago event is on 9/15, but they have events coming all over the place… check out these cities and dates:

9/29 – Columbus, OH
10/20 – Richmond, VA
11/3 – Jacksonville, FL
11/10 – Tampa, FL <— LOOK MOM!
11/17 – Miami, FL

Finally, the best news is I have a discount code for you to save $10 on your registration and it works in all these cities! To register just visit the Pretty Muddy Website and click on the event you want to register for and use the promo code: FitFluentialPM12

Stay up to date with race info by following them on twitter @Pretty_Muddy and check the hashtag #PrettyMuddy

Are you gonna get #PrettyMuddy with me? Which Race are you going to? Any tips for a 1st time Mud Runner?

FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Wanna get #PrettyMuddy with Me?”

  1. Awesome! You are going to have so much fun. I’ve never done one, and unfortunately none of those cities are near me, but I’ll keep an eye out for something local. Can’t wait to hear about yours!


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