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Before we jump into today’s post I wanted to let you know that the winner for the SOYJOY Summer Prize Pack giveaway has been announced…  and the winner is… RAY!

I tried to email you, but the email address came back as invalid. If I don’t hear back from the winner in the next 24 hours I’ll pick a new winner.

and now for the 6th installment of What I Ate Wednesday on! Thanks again to Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting this link up every week, I really look forward to it!

Of course I started my day out with the typical protein/monster pump/Blox combo, but I figured you got tired of seeing that… So we are going to move on to something WAY more exciting… I got a juicer! And it was a steal of a deal!!

Thanks Target clearance!! I went out this weekend to the flea market and stocked up on produce from local farmers

Can you believe all this was $15?! SCORE.

So… my breakfast started out looking like this:

and ended up looking like this:

It was very filling, although I will say adding in that big chunk of ginger did give it a little bit of a zing!

For lunch I tried an intriging recipe I found on Run To The Finish. Amanda shared how she made Faux Potato Salad. Since I had a head of cauliflower I had to use I thought it would be perfect. It was good! I thought it would be weird, but it really wasn’t.  The cauliflower steamed long enough to be the right consistency as a potato stand in. I’d do this as a side dish again, but maybe not a whole meal.

There was a snack of a Nature Valley Granola Thin as I ran out the door to the dealership to get my car serviced, but I forgot a picture of that. I think you can survive.

I have been super excited about this dinner for awhile. Before we started to change our eating habits I made some killer Enchiladas. When I stumbled across an enchilada recipe on Everyday Paleo I knew I had to try it. I even used fresh tomatoes from the Farmers Market haul above. To be honest… I was disappointed. It turned out tasting more like Semi-Mexican Chicken than Enchiladas. It was still decent, just not exactly what I was expecting.

I had some qunioa on the side. Not exactly paleo (neither is the cheese or sour cream) oops. 🙂

A few hours later I started to feel the munchies come on and I wanted something sweet so I whipped up some Banana Soft Serve with GNC Egg Protein!

It was super delicious and filling. And it was easy to make!

 This has definitely been one of my summer staples as a go to for when I want something cool and creamy.

What are some of your favorite summer treats? What was your favorite meal this week?

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17 thoughts on “WIAW #6”

    1. Glad to make your day, it was really good! We have used Cauliflower as a potato substitute for mashed potatoes but never thought of potato salad… brillant!


  1. Want to swap stuff while having fun? That summer staple is surely something!
    Found the some lovely recipe books for in a site where you could exchange stuff, uhmmm, like the ones lurking in your closet or your garage. You don’t have to spend a penny! You just have to exchange, share and have fun!


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