Welcome to Miami – Part 1

Since we have been married, Chris and I have always talked about how we wanted to take some random spur of the moment trip. When Grandma offered to take Little Dreamer for the weekend we started joking about taking a trip. When we looked into flights we found a good deal on flights to Miami… so we booked them! Four days out. Random, right?

Friday after dropping off Little Dreamer with Grandma we packed up and headed to the airport

this is our “before” picture.

the flight itself was awesome. we made friends with the first class flight attendent and he gave us some first class perks, plus tips for miami! the guys in the rows across from us were a hoot. we ended up talking most of the way there, but I did actually get to watch most of the Hood To Coast relay movie (awesome, by the way)

It was so totally weird to fly without a toddler in tow.

We landed and headed to find our rental car. We ended up at the rental place and found out they were having an upgrade special because the Miami Heat won the NBA championship. So, when you’re away for a weekend at Miami beach… there is an upgrade special… and you don’t have to worry about fitting a car seat in the back seat?

you rent a mustang convertible, of course!

guys, I highly recommend you do this once in your life at least.
driving down the beach in a convertible is SO worth the upgrade price.

We were driving to find our hotel that we got on travelocity for Friday night. My family was going to join us for Saturday and Sunday night, so we thought we’d just get a cheap little hotel for Friday since we were getting in so late.


rewind: we stopped to eat dinner at Norman’s (awesome name, right?)

Mr Dreamer got a steak… it was phenomenal.
I got the buffalo chicken salad … it was okay.
the service was not good at all.

so back to the horrible hotel story…

I’ll have to finish it tomorrow since we are at the airport and my computer is about to die.
stay tuned tomorrow, you will be amused and enlightened i’m sure.

What’s the most random thing you’ve ever done?


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