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InstaFriday is back!

Three Cheers for Friday!

Hip Hip…. HOORAY!
Hip Hip…. HOORAY!
Hip Hip…. HOORAY!

I used to do InstaFriday a lot, but for some reason I stopped (not sure why…crazy blogger brain!)

Well, I had some good instagrams this week so I thought I should bring it back… Here is a look into my life through my InstaGrams (follow me! my user name is @courtnorm)

I love cuddles. Lucky for me, she does too!

she had to wear her hat to keep the “sunshine from my head” and she won’t leave home without sunglasses. little diva.

ahh this one melts my heart. she thought trying to say “zucchini” was hilarious.

Such a timely word. Love the #SheReadsTruth community

watching her at dance class melts my heart.

car wash! she obviously was captivated by the sprayer.

lunch! lettuce wraps made of tomato, pickles, turkey, and avocado

this week at cross fit i’ve noticed i’m getting better at my pull ups. these are the bands I use for assisted pull ups, life savers they are!

paleo pancakes!

La Croix is one of my new favorite things
(so is my Rogue shirt)

this was one of my FAVORITE dishes of the week… Paleo Pad Thai! It is made using zucchini as noodles. Brilliant!

I also attempted a Paleo Pizza… the crust was kinda crumbly though. I’ll have to try it again to see if I get a better result.

you can’t have too much of this cute face, can you?
her bangs were super long and in her face so her daddy cut them for her.
thanks, babe
(I wasn’t frustrated at all. ha. why am I so attached to her hair?! )

we told her she would be spending the weekend with grandma and she was so excited she started packing her bags on wednesday. also, she dresses up as a princess almost every day.

oh, whats that? TEAM NORMAN!
we are so awesome we even have tshirts.
(that happens when you own a screen printing shop)

i’m linking up with life rearranged

life rearranged

So, tell me… Anything exciting happen with you guys this week? Any plans for the weekend?

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