Welcome To Miami- Part 2

I’m still recovering from this weekend. It was most certainly memorable, but also tiring! Yesterday I promised to tell you the horrible hotel story… so here goes…

We booked a cheaper rate hotel room for Friday night on travelocity since we were getting in so late and my family wouldn’t be joining us until Saturday Night. No big deal, right?


After finishing our dinner we finally found the hotel. First problem: It was SO far North there was nothing around it.

We walk up to the hotel and the “sign” was literally a poster board that said “Hawaii Hotel.” We were both just like uhhh ok? So we walk into the hotel and find what should be the lobby/check in area. It was totally empty. There was a random shirtless dude on a couch and we asked him where to check in. He said we had to go back outside and check in at the hotel next door. Whhhaaa? Ok…

So we go next door. They didn’t have our reservation. The guy had to call travelocity while we stood there for what seemed like forever. We finally get checked in and head back to our hotel next door. We got to our room opened the door and could hardly believe what we saw. It was dirty, crusty, aged, nastiness. At this point it was already 11pm. We contemplated leaving but it was so late we figured we should just try to get some sleep. We tried not to use the blankets, that’s how gross it was! It just didn’t seem safe either. The next morning when trying to shower we realized the shower head shot streams of water across the whole bathroom, and it was moldy too! If you are ever in Miami Beach, DO NOT STAY AT THE HAWAII HOTEL. ick.

Chris showing how nasty the bed was.

Nasty shower (with my shampoo… that I left there because we were in such a hurry to leave)

Crusty moldy floors

Me, wondering if I’m even clean after showing in that nasty shower.

So after our hotel fiasco we decided to head back towards the South Beach area. I looked at Yelp for a good breakfast place. The one that caught my eye was called The Front Porch Cafe.

We didn’t have to wait for a table, score!
after talking with the waitress I decided on the Chicken Satay Omelet.

It was basically an omelet with curry, coconut milk, cilantro, peanut sauce… Some of my all time favorite things!! It also had a side of thick, delicious tomatoes and a baguette.

Seriously, this pretty much changed my life.
best omelet ever.

Here is Chris with his Ranchero Omelet, it had refried beans and salsa.
He was actually just excited that we were out of that hotel. ha.

Breakfast redeemed our hope for a good time in Miami.

We cruised around with the top down for awhile just seeing what was around the area.

Ready to Cruise

Crusin A1A (which is apparently in a Vanilla Ice song?)


After crusing around in the convertible, we decided to walk the beach!

This dude was skateboarding… but using a kite to pull him. So cool!

The Ocean! and a hot dude.

Miami Beach, baby!

We’re at the beach, yes!
(also we were photo bombed by the guy behind us, awesome)

Palm Trees and Blue skies.
oh, Florida I missed you!

After walking for awhile we saw people riding around on segways. Mr Dreamer was all about that. I was slightly terrified, to be honest. I knew how excited he was so I tried to play it cool and go along with it.

Learning the ropes

I was really freaked out. When I stepped on I was wobbling all over the place. The rental dude gave us a quick lesson and we were off on our own. The first 10-15 minutes were rough, but once we got to a more open area I was loving it! We might not have looked cool, but it was some of the most fun we’d had in awhile!

After about 2 hours we headed back. Man, that is more of a workout than you’d think!

We got lunch at Caffe Milano. I had the Cuban with a Side Salad

Soooo yummy!

We finally got to check in to our nice hotel and lounged for a bit.

My parents were on their way so we just had some downtime.

Once they got there we went out to Tequila Chica’s for dinner.
It was below average at best. Guess that’s what you get for an 11pm dinner.
At dinner we found out my brothers drove out. They met us back at the hotel and we hung out for a bit.
Before we knew it it was 230am.
I’m such a party animal. HA.

So that was day 2 in miami beach.

Have you ever ridden a Segway? Would you if you had the chance? Why or Why Not?


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