Life Lessons

Toxic vs Truth

There are a few bloggers out there who just had an idea. Maggie from GussySews and Kacia from CoconutRobot started going through the Soul Detox plan on the YouVersion app together and invited the rest of the virtual world to join. I started a little bit late but have almost caught up. Today #SheReadsTruth is on day 15 of this 35 day devotional. This has just been so fitting for where I’m at right now. In life in general I’ve been struggling with negative thoughts. In my fitness journey I’ve been struggling with negative thoughts.

That I’m not _______ enough (strong enough, healthy enough, mom enough, that my house isn’t clean enough, that i’m just.not.good.enough)

And while I “know” that these are just a way to keep me from striving to be who I have been called to be, I still let them effect me. These words and thoughts are toxic. They are suffocating. They will slowly kill this hungry soul of mine that is longing to live. When given permission (the truth is if we don’t tell them to go, we are inviting them to stay) they loom over my soul like a dark cloud. For the last few days I have be evicting these toxic words and thoughts from my soul. After telling them to leave it is important to fill that empty place with life-giving words of truth. Today I was reading through the James 3:1-18 for Day 11 and this part really stood out to me…

Live well, Live wise, Live humbly. It’s the way you live, not the way you talk, that counts.

Actions speak louder than words, we’ve been told that forever. The words that we allow to live in our souls are what our actions stem from. If the words you dwell on are toxic, your actions will most likely be toxic as well. It’s time to take control of our words and thoughts and let truth live.

If you want to hop on the #SheReadsTruth devotional it’s not too late. Search the hashtag on twitter or instagram and follow @SheReadsTruth on twitter and instagram as well.

What are some toxic thoughts that you have struggled with? How do you overcome those thoughts?


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