Health, Life Lessons

Unexpected Lessons

It’s nearing 10pm on a Tuesday night and I’ve still got plenty on my to do list.

I had huge plans for this weekend, so much I wanted to get done. Another case of good intentions. 

Hands down best part of the weekend? Our visit to Fuzzy Taco!

I ended up having a great time with the family, but didn’t get all my to do’s done.

I feel like I’m still catching up from a few curveballs from last week.

My phone took a swim in the toilet. I swore I’d never be that person who dropped their phone in a toilet. Never say never!

Going even half a day without a working phone totally stressed me out, but that got taken care of and we moved on (iphones aren’t cheap, even when you have an upgrade available!)

A few days later I was making lunch the stove shut off totally. I thought it was just a flipped fuse or something and waited for Chris to get home. He went to flip it back and it didn’t work. Our stove broke! Another unexpected expense.

Instead of making an awesome dinner of Cuban Picadillo we spent our evening shopping for a new stove.

The good news is that even though both of these unexpected events were very costly, we didn’t really stress out about it.

After thinking about it I realize there a few similarities in how I dealt with the unexpected expenses and how to deal with other, more personal, issues. For me it is in regards to my recent fitness journey

1) Acknowledge the problem– pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. I couldn’t just pretend my phone or stove wasn’t broken (well, I guess I could but I’d just look crazier than I already am). The problem I’m having with my fitness journey right now is lack of consistency in eating and exercise.

2) Stop looking for excuses/blame- It’d be easy to look for excuses on how to shift blame for destroying a phone or a stove going out… not taking proper care of it… not being attentive… whatever. Same with my fitness journey… I’m too busy, too tired, too bored… it can go on and on

3) Identify a solution– I need a new phone. We need a new stove. Best deals? Research? New? Used? Time Frame? Identify all the variables and find the best solution for your situation. Same with the fitness journey, figure out what your variables are (work, children, gym, etc) and what are the best solutions.

4) DO IT! – I had to go buy a new phone. We did our research and got a stove in a quick amount of time. You made a workout plan, stick to it!

There you have it. A few unexpected lessons from a few unexpected situations!

What are some unexpected lessons you’ve learned?


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