How does your garden grow?

Before I got married I never would have thought about having a garden. Greenery wasn’t overly abundant growing up, except at my grandparents house, their outdoor porch was covered with plants. When Mr Dreamer told me he wanted to grow tomatoes on the balcony of our one bedroom apartment I was amused. He cared for those plants so well, but for some reason they just didn’t grow. I was skeptical about gardens after that.

When I started my journey to health my mind changed about that. I was so excited last year when I started my potted garden. I cared for each one of my plants like my children. When they actually produced vegetables I was so excited! Tons of Jalapenos, Tomatoes, and peppers later and I was already planning my next crop.

This year I asked Chris to build me a raised garden bed, and he actually made me two!! It was a lot of work to fill it with dirt, got a little costly to fill with plants, and looked questionable for a little while. The night after we planted there was frost, so we lost on plant a few others had some damage. They didn’t seem to green up right away so we added some miracle grow and in the last few weeks they have really perked up, some even flowering already!

I love the idea of knowing exactly where my food is coming from because I grew it. Someday I want to have a huge garden. One of my dreams. Until then, I’ll be happy with my backyard garden.




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