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Mother’s Day Lessons

Whoa, Monday totally disappeared from me. Since I started working from home I’ve had to rearrange my grocery shopping schedule. Going grocery shopping in the late afternoon/evening just seems to leave me exhausted for the rest of the night! That’s what happened yesterday. Add in some work for my school classes and I was down for the count!

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit about my mothers day. It’s a funny holiday to me. I love being celebrated for being a mom, but I feel like so many moms walk in with a huge expectation of this glorious spa day or something. Truth is… if you have a young child that’s probably not going to happen. For me it wasn’t about getting recognition for being some kind of super mom, because I know I’m not. For me Mother’s Day was about remembering how blessed I am that I get to be this little one’s mama.


We spent our morning having a dance party while getting ready for church (is it bad that my 2 year old requested “Moves Like Jagger” to dance to? before church? haha…) After church we came home and cleaned up around the house, because clean houses make happy mamas. Mr Dreamer brought lunch home after volunteering at the second service at church. We did some school work and I got to cuddle with my baby girl for awhile.


I’m so thankful that she loves to cuddle. She asks for it every day. How can you say no to that little voice saying “Mom, can you cuddle me?” She’s a sweet heart.

I have to admit parenting at this stage is tough. She is always talking, wants to be involved in every.little.thing… asks so many questions… and sometimes my impatience gets the best of me. If I even show a hint of frustration in my voice she immediately bursts into tears saying “I sowwy mom, I won’t do that any more”. Oh what a sensitive soul. I am immediately flooded with a wave of guilt, because I know she doesn’t mean to be that way. I try to be as patient as I can, but I am faaaaaar from perfect.

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and mother in law! I am always sad when I miss spending holidays with my family, but I’m blessed to be able to spend them with Mr Dreamer’s awesome family!

What did you do for Mother’s Day? Have you learned any parenting lessons lately?



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