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The sun shines in the window more brightly than I’m used it. I glance at my phone, it’s after 9am! At first I’m concerned that we’ve slept so late, but as I assess my surroundings and realize all is well my concern turns to pride. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sleep this late! I roll out of bed, take a shower and get dressed. I go to Little Dreamer’s room and find her laying in bed reading a book, she smiles big and says “Hi Mommy!” I take her downstairs to make breakfast. First things first, pop a kcup in the keurig. The sound of the coffee brewing is music to my ears and the smell of the coffee awakens my senses. Let the dog out. Get a drink for Little Dreamer. Turn on the stove, warm up the pans and dig out the eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. Before I know it the smell of bacon fills the house. Mr Dreamer emerges from upstairs just a few minutes before its time to eat. Make the plates and sit down to eat. Talk about how we slept last night. Wander outside to check on the garden. Run to the post office to mail a mothers day present (its going to be a little late, oops!) Stop by the store to pick up some hair products. Little Dreamer asks to have her toes painted. I obliged. Sneak a sweet treat in on the way home. Enjoy a quiet house at naptime (even if I should be cleaning).

Sounds like the perfect Saturday.





What’s your favorite way to enjoy a Saturday?


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