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Finished Projects (and an overdose of cuteness)

Today was the first day I’ve had in a long time with “nothing” planned to do. Actually, I had to stay home all day to sign for a important package for the hubs. So I dusted off the sewing machine that I’ve sadly been neglecting with school, play dates and the like. First on the list was to make something for myself, yay! I’ve been wanting to make a crochet hook case for awhile to keep all my hooks in one place. I found a great tutorial here. I just recently got my zipper foot and wanted to try it out and I had some piping that I got for 97 cents that just so happened to match perfectly with some awesome fabric I got from the remnant section at Hancocks. it was actually pretty simple once I figured out how to get the zipper foot in the right position without breaking a needle…. oops.

My new crochet hook roll

all rolled up


Next on my project list was a sewing machine pin cushion I found on Pinterest. Once I saw it I thought it made too much sense not to have one since I always am scurrying to find a place for my pins when sewing. It was seriously like a 5 minute project that makes sewing a little easier.

Pin cushion
easy peasy lemon squeezy.


My most anticipated (and procrastinated) sewing project of the day was the Pleat’n’Ruffles dress that I got the pattern from on Very Jane a few months ago. You can find it at the Brynberlee Designs Etsy shop here. I found the fabric for it on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $6 for 2 yards (one of each color). I used most of the pink color on the dress and still have a bit of the white left. It was a pretty straight forward pattern that was easy to read and follow. I had problems getting my printer to print the bodice pattern and I think it printed it too small because it doesn’t match up with anything else and is a little tight on Payton. She helped a lot and kept asking about her dress. So cute. I also made a matching headband that was inspired by See Kate Sew’s Pleat weeks. I used some of the white fabric to make a pleated headband and some of the pink for a rose embellishment. We went outside to play so we could take some pictures, enjoy!

from the back

She totally did this pose on her own, just chillin in the grass. Shes a natural model!

(Please ignore the droopy diaper and perry the platypus tattoo as those are not very elegant… one may be my fault, the other can be blamed on her Aunties)

It felt so good to get back to sewing and I’m excited to get a few things done and up in the etsy shop soon. In the mean time check out the hair clips I currently have listed in the shop.

I’m off to finish my baking projects for the night… pretzel bites and chocolate chip cookies.

oh, and laundry. there’s always laundry to do….

What are some projects you’ve been putting off (crafty or not) that you are looking forward to finishing?






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